Accidentally Amy Lynn Painter PDF Download

Accidentally Amy Lynn Painter PDF

Accidentally Amy Lynn Painter PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Accidentally Amy” written by Lynn Painter.

Accidentally Amy Lynn Painter PDF

Isabella Shay is usually a very honest person. Nevertheless, after running late for her first day at her dream job and hearing the barista yell for “Amy” repeatedly without reply, she decides to do the unimaginable. Izzy takes that PSL.

It’s the exact drink she ordered and paid for, only way further ahead in the line, so she mutters “I’m Amy” and grabs the cup. But when she turns around and runs directly into the most attractive man she’s ever seen, spilling the drink all over his GQ shirt and tie, she ends up having the ultimate meet-cute. He says, “See you tomorrow, Amy.” Uh, oh – she’ll have to straighten him out the next day. Sparks fly and everything seems promising until he says, “See you tomorrow, Amy.”

She learns nothing about Blake Phillips until she meets him at her new office as she meets the VP of her department, the hottie from Starbucks. He may have been charming to Amy, but he is an arrogant grump to Izzy, an arrogant grump who does not find the woman’s explanation funny.

About Accidentally Amy Lynn Painter EPUB

Book NameAccidentally Amy
AuthorLynn Painter
Pages242 Pages
PublisherIndependently published
Release Date29 August 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

The USA Today Bestselling Author of BETTER THAN THE MOVIES and MR. WRONG NUMBER, Lynn Painter writes romantic comedies for teenagers and adults, and when she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found watching romantic comedies or drinking energy drinks.

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