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An Indian Spy in Pakistan PDF

An Indian Spy in Pakistan PDF: Hello friends, we will provide An Indian Spy in Pakistan book by Mohanlal Bhaskar. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Srishti Publishers. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

An Indian Spy in Pakistan PDF

This book portrays the life of a spy in Pakistan and his experiences, both good and bad in an exciting manner. A man who gave up his youth for his Country only to be told “Why should we pay for your mistake in Pakistan “, is a safe tale of patriotism and what real betrayal looks like. These brave soldiers of India deserve applause for all their sacrifices laid by them. A must-read to under8nthe true meaning and value of Patriotism.

This an excellent account of the life of a patriot spy of India in Pakistan’s Jails. Along with this, the book takes you through the first-hand account of events in Pakistan during the most turbulent times of the creation of Bangladesh. While reading the account of the life of the writer in Pakistan’s Jails you feel as if you are listening to a person who doesn’t know if he is counted among the living or the dead. Wish we could also learn something from the book on how to treat our Patriots who choose the life of spying for the country!

The book was full of knowledge, emotions, patriotism, a real wave, and thrill. Presentation could be better as the story moves around various locations in Pakistan and multiple Nouns, it becomes a little tedious to grasp details in one read.

If you are interested in knowing spy stories, just go for it. Just because he was locked up in Pakistan, Mr. Mohanlal Bhaskar does not go for Pak bashing illogically. He portrays the good and bad sides of people on both sides of the borderline. It’s not just a book of patriotism but the story of humanity, human values, more importantly, the human spirit.

Contents of this book:

  • A Night at Sheikh Wahid’s
  • From Lahore to Multan
  • An Alarming News: A Hasty Retreat
  • I am Arrested
  • 596 FIU, Lahore
  • Khoh Singh: Son of Faisla Singh
  • In the Naulakha Police Station at Lahore
  • Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore
  • Shahi Qila, Lahore: Hell on Earth
  • Raja Gul-Anar Khan: A Chandravanshi Rajput
  • FIC: Rawalpindi
  • Major Kamal Raza Jadun
  • I am Produced Before General Gul Hassan
  • Subedar Sher Khan
  • From Rawalpindi to Lahore
  • Back to Shahi Qila
  • First Home Connection
  • My Wife
  • Those Martial Law Days
  • In the Midst of Death Cells
  • Achcha Pahalwan
  • Pir Sadaq Shah and Mullah Muzaffar
  • Prof. Shahzad Jalandhari
  • The Hapless Bengali: Aqueel Rahman
  • Driver Mohammed Azam
  • Warden Rafiq Shah
  • Turmoil in Bangladesh
  • My Trial Begins
  • Field General Court Martial
  • Lahore to Mianwali
  • New Jail Superintendent Welcomed
  • The Deputy Superintendent
  • Sheikh Mujib in Mianwali Jail
  • The Nights of the 1971 War
  • Back to Multan
  • A Tunnel in Multan Jail
  • Return to Mianwali
  • In Mianwali
  • The Chief Warden Shera
  • Meeting the Hijackers
  • Stopover at Lahore – Prelude to Return
  • Yahya Khan’s Sweet-heart
  • A Conspiracy Against Bhutto
  • LAM Back in India!
  • The Aftermath

About An Indian Spy in Pakistan Book PDF

Book Name:An Indian Spy in Pakistan
Author:Disha Experts
Genre:Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts
Pages:344 pages
Publisher:Srishti Publishers
Release Date:25 February 2007

Mohanlal Bhaskar was born in 1942 in Abohar (Punjab), he started his career as a laborer and then as a newspaper boy. He did his M.A. B.Ed., joined the teaching profession, and became Vice-Principal of the Teachers Training Institute, Government of Sikkim. For a brief period, he was editor of Dharka (1961), sub-editor of Gandiv Hindi Daily (1962), and editor of The Presto in 1965-66.

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