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Baat Paise Ki by Monika Halan PDF

Baat Paise Ki Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Let’s Talk Money book written by Monika Halan. So you can download it in the Hindi language. This book was published by HarperHindi. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

Baat Paise Ki Book PDF

This book is very helpful to structure your personal finances, and savings, and also for salaried individuals, and investments. It is a pleasure to read especially for those people who are trying to learn how to manage their own finances.

Even if you have zero knowledge of finance but would like to save, and invest your money to grow it, this book will be an eye-opener for you. The author uses the simplest of terms to help us understand the concepts without using jargon. This book is great in explaining basic things and the discipline of spending money. Also to Kickstart the journey of in investing mutual funds.

A really helpful book for someone who wants some idea regarding investing and to understand the different options available. This book might not give you a complete insight but it will definitely give you a brief idea so you can start your investing journey. Go for it without a second thought if you are a newbie in investing.

It sums up the financial world and gives an engaging description of financial knowledge. Great for even those who believe they are financially literate. The flow of chapters is very systematic- manage risks first before you start investing and save small before you invest big. A must-read for all salaried or unemployed.

A good book for the person who wants to play safe and has a consistent return. The author stays away from the stock market which is rightly so as this doesn’t come under the domain of personal finance. The stock market is a different beast altogether and requires the application of both arts and science.

About Let’s Talk Money PDF

Book Name:Baat Paise Ki
Author:Monika Halan
Genre:Business & Economics
Pages:196 pages
Release Date:15 December 2020

Monika Halan is a consulting editor and part of the leadership team at Mint. A certified financial planner, she has served as editor of Outlook Money. As part of her public policy service, she is a member of SEBI’s Mutual Fund Advisory Committee. She is a regular speaker on financial literacy, regulation, and consumer issues in retail finance. She lives in New Delhi.

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