Better Than the Movies PDF Download

Better Than the Movies PDF

Better Than the Movies PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Better Than the Movies” written by Lynn Painter.

Better Than the Movies PDF

There is something special about Better Than the Movies. It combines a smart, well-written romance that will appeal to readers of any age with a special sweetness that is unique to YA books. Throwbacks to every Rom Com movie you’ve ever loved, complete with soundtracks of all the songs mentioned at the end of the book.

I expected it to be formulaic trying to recreate romance tropes, but I was wrong. There was a seamless integration of romance, tropes, and movie references into the book. A rom-com-obsessed high school senior, Liz Buxbaum is the protagonist of this book. One of Liz’s most important emotional connections to her mother was her love for rom-coms. In trying to keep her mother’s memory alive, Liz feels all alone.

Her father has moved on with a perfectly nice woman who is the antithesis of her mother. Thus, her style and obsession are unique. Since the senior year has arrived, Liz is having even more difficulty as her peers celebrate all of their big milestones (dress shopping, college visits, prom, graduation, etc) with their mothers, and she worries that the loss of some of the special aspects of their relationship will occur. Enter Michael.

Since it was during the same time that she lost her mom that she had her childhood crush, naturally she feels that this is a sign from the universe that it is finally time for her perfect rom-com meet-cute. The annoying neighbor girl Liz who feuded constantly with Wes, Michael still remembers Liz as “little Liz.” While Wes is now quite popular, he still feels compelled to constantly antagonize Liz.

When Wes interrupts Liz’s “meet cute,” Liz realizes she needs an in to win Michael’s heart. Her terms are acceptable to Wes, but she must give up the garage space in front of their house. Every time Liz attempts to get close to Michael, she is met with disaster after disaster, which makes her wonder if she is reading the universe incorrectly.

There’s a possibility that Michael wasn’t meant to be the lead man in her Rom-Com. Perhaps she should have considered enemies-to-lovers instead of friends-to-lovers. It was developed perfectly, paced perfectly, and written impeccably. And it just felt incredibly real. The story worked even with the teen-speak snuck in throughout. Pick it up. “I couldn’t put it down. It’s perfect for both teens and adults. It’s perfect for romance lovers as well as those who don’t like romance.

About Better Than the Movies Read Online Free

Book NameBetter Than the Movies
AuthorLynn Painter
Pages384 Pages
PublisherS&S Books for Young Readers
Release Date26 July 2022
FiletypePDF or EPUB

It is Lynn Painter’s specialty to write romantic comedies for teens as well as adults. Additionally, she is a regular contributor to the Omaha World-Herald and the author of Better Than the Movies and Mr. Wrong Number. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, watching rom-coms, and guzzling energy drinks. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and a pack of wild children.

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