Download Between Love and Loathing PDF by Shain Rose

Between Love and Loathing PDF by Shain Rose

Between Love and Loathing: A Book

Download the book Between Love and Loathing PDF, written by author Shain Rose and published by Page & Vine on October 03, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 416 pages.

Title:Between Love and Loathing
Author:Shain Rose
Publication:Page & Vine
Publication date:3 October 2023
Total Pages:416
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.1 MB
Between Love and Loathing by Shain Rose book information.

About the book

Dominic and Clara are proof that 2 opposites can attract and cause fire in the best way. Dom is clear-cut black and white and Clara is every color of the rainbow and always trying to bring positive. Clara’s story hurt me more than anyone in this universe as she deserved so much more and Dom came to the plate and the spice Dom definitely delivered. Watching them clash and come together, Watching Dom push Clara to stand up for herself was amazing i loved her growth and Dom’s reflection. Both coming from painful pasts trust is not given easy but attraction is there from the start… Even some shows from others in the universe came in reading Cade and Izzy ( my 2 faves from Corrupted Chaos) made me smile.

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