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Brutal Prince PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Brutal Prince” written by Sophie Lark.

Brutal Prince Sophie Lark PDF

The story of Brutal Prince book tells the story of the romance between Irish royalty Callum and Italian princess Aida. You are taken on an epic ride right from the beginning of the game. Climbing up to the light and diving into the darkness at the same time. Characters, both the main and supporting characters, are well fleshed out and written in such a way that makes you feel as if you know all of them. Excited to read about the rest of the family. There are few stories I’ve read recently that portray enemies as loving partners in as realistic a way as this one does.

The two are from different sides of Chicago (the Italian Mafia family and the Irish Mafia family), and they have an old-school rivalry between them. Then Aida sneaks into Cal’s house and unintentionally steals the grandfather’s watch, causing Cal to retaliate, which, in turn, results in their fathers agreeing to an arranged marriage. The two become closer after their marriage, as they learn more about each other, and they eventually end up falling in love with each other.

Sophie Lark is the author of the Brutal Birthright series of books, which begins with Brutal Prince. What a way to start a series. Callum Griffin is heir to the Irish Crime family. He is the oldest and only boy. It is not only that he is being groomed for politics, but also for the ways of the family as well. Aida Gallo is the wild and wild daughter of the head of the Italian Mafia organization. As a result of a wild night, Callum is put in the path of a dangerous situation. It was decided by her father and his father that their pairing would make both families a lot more comfortable.

There is a plan to mess with Callum during their wedding, and she wants to make sure he is hospitalized. As Callum discovers this wild woman, his heart begins to thaw. It is no surprise that Aida is a strong-willed, headstrong woman who melts when she is in love with Callum. As well as Aida’s ex, the Polish Bravata has it out for them. It is a fast-paced story, so be prepared to read it from beginning to end. In Sophie Lark’s new world, which she has introduced us to, there is a whole new world in which I can’t wait to spend more time.

The stories of the Gallo brothers, as well as the sisters of Callum, will be of great interest to readers. In Brutal Prince, we meet them all and get to know their quirks. There has been a rivalry between the Gallos and the Griffins for decades now. It turns out that Cal’s youngest sister is celebrating her 19th birthday in an extravagant manner, and Aida and her brothers decide to sneak in, even though they’re clearly not invited. Aida is drinking and having a good time while she is there.

It is time for her to go to the toilet, but she does not want to use one of the fancy porta-potties, so she sneaks into her mother’s house to use the bathroom there. It is impossible for her to resist taking a tour of the house once she has entered it. As she is exploring the library, Cal walks into the room and starts talking to her. Then she tries to hide behind a chair, but she is so cramped up that she decides to set a small fire in order to distract Cal and at the same time sneak back out. Her small fire ignites a rage inside Cal.

He catches a glimpse of her when she leaves the library and then follows her when he notices that she joins one of her brothers when she has left the library. At a later point in the evening, Aida and Sebastian are waiting for his friends when Cal shows up with one of his goons to show them what’s up. There is no doubt in his mind that Aida stole the watch from him and he wants to regain it. Sebastian protects her from the gunman on the pier, and after that, Jack (his goon) begins fighting with Aida and Cal as they square off on the pier.

When she throws the watch into the water, he becomes even angrier and jumps in the water, which is when Jack beats up Sebastian again and again until he is completely exhausted. As the patriarchs of the family gather, they decide that the feud must end. Sebastian is a politician who needs the help of Italians in order to establish himself on the political scene. Plus, both sides have lost loved ones. The best way to do this is by forcing them to marry. Oh and was this a treat to watch?

There is no getting around the fact that Sebastian is 30 years old and needs to settle down, and Aida must deal with the consequences of her actions. So they reluctantly comply, even though they hate each other. The things they did to each other had me laughing out loud and covering my eyes at the same time! Whether it was the forced Brazilian, the brown wedding tux, or the strawberry Aida ate because she knew he was allergic to strawberries, or the almost-drowning episode in the pool, I was there for it all! Dear lord- the chemistry between these two was NUCLEAR!

I am a big fan of enemies-to-lovers stories, because I love the push and pull and the “I hate you but I still love you” moments that are shared in this book (and nearly caused it to happen a few times). The sexual tension and magnetic attraction were undeniable and visceral. Throughout the book, they couldn’t help but be possessive of one another as they progressed through the story. Despite the fact that they have the strongest instincts to kill each other, they can’t resist the urge to be together despite their obvious desire to kill each other.

About Brutal Prince EPUB

Book NameBrutal Prince
AuthorSophie Lark
Pages362 Pages
PublisherLark Publishing
Release Date13 July 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

As a mother of two boys, Sophie lives in the Rocky Mountain West area with her husband, two sons, and a baby girl. As the author of intense, intelligent romance novels, she creates heroines that are strong and capable and a male protagonists who will do anything to win their hearts. Her hobbies include hiking, bodybuilding, and watching live comedy shows, and she has a slight obsession with them all. If she was able to have her perfect day, she would take the kids to Harry Potter World, dance with Mr. Lark, and then relax with a good book and a monster bag of salt and vinegar chips.

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