Caught Up by Liz Tomforde PDF Free Download

Caught Up by Liz Tomforde PDF

Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Caught Up PDF written by the author Liz Tomforde. You can download it in the English language, published by Hodder & Stoughton. Stay tuned and read it online.

Caught Up by Liz Tomforde PDF


I’m a single dad and starting pitcher for Chicago’s MLB team.
I’m stretched too thin, but I don’t want help raising my son.

Each of his previous nannies only lasted a few weeks before I let them go.
Now, my coach is putting his foot down by hiring the one person I can’t fire—his daughter.

Miller Montgomery is the last woman I should fall for. Too wild, too young, and too unattached.

Chicago is just a quick stop for her. I thought I’d be counting down the days until she left, but summer feels too short when I start thinking about forever.


As a high-end pastry chef who recently won the most prestigious award in my industry, I’m desperate to prove I deserve it. But with a new title comes new pressure, and I can’t create a fresh and inspiring dessert to save my life.

With only two months to get back on track, I should be focusing in the kitchen, but instead, I let my dad talk me into using my time off to nanny for his star player’s kid.

Kai Rhodes forgot how to have fun, and I’m eager to jog his memory. But when he and his son start to feel like home, I have to remind us both that my time in Chicago ends with the summer.

Besides, I’ve always been a runner, and the last thing I want is to get caught.

About Caught Up Book PDF

Title:Caught Up
Author:Liz Tomforde
Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton
Publish date:October 10, 2023
Total Pages:484
File Format:PDF
File Size11 MB

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