Cobalt Blue PDF by Matthew Reilly

Cobalt Blue PDF

Cobalt Blue PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “Cobalt Blue” written by Matthew Reilly.

Cobalt Blue Novel PDF

There is almost constant action and information in this book is almost in bullet points, just like Matthew’s full-length books read like padded-out movie scripts. Stereotypical “superhero” moves like picking up entire buildings, flying, and being bulletproof are depicted, as well as graphic and gory deaths. This is an action-packed superhero story with a twist. There was a superhero in the USA and a superhero in Russia for 35 years. Then, the American died. And it all went bad.

Matthew Reilly’s style is nonstop action and relentless pace, while the story seamlessly shifts from present day to past days, fleshing out both the narrative and the characters. Even though it is only 199 pages long, I was left wanting more. The book is a novella, a short book, that reminded me of The Umbrella Academy, where superhero families were at war. Despite the premise is good, the characters were flat and formulaic, the bad guys were needlessly bad and were almost impossible to understand, the good guys were mostly sketches and all chapters felt paint-by-numbers.

In typical Matthew fashion, he forces the rubber to hit the pavement very quickly. His masterful setup shows us how the characters become “supers” and once again, we can expect a fairly constant flow of exciting action throughout the whole film. Even though it’s a short story, Reilly manages a lot of character development, without boring us with unnecessary and excessive character development that most famous authors linger over that doesn’t really advance the story.

The sheer desperation of this book… I could feel it in my bones! My senses were completely immersed in the story as if I were in a movie theatre with a giant screen and surround sound. There were unique heroes and lovable villains; the villains were downright terrifying! This book’s formatting is completely irrelevant to the story, but I loved it!

A few diagrams and different colored texts added a certain appeal. In summary, this is an epic tale of superheroes, villains, and science that is completely gripping. I was kept on edge waiting to see what would happen next in this great story. A well-rounded plot is interspersed with backstories, with an ending that keeps you wanting more.

About Cobalt Blue Matthew Reilly PDF

Book NameCobalt Blue
AuthorMatthew Reilly
GenreAction & Adventure
Pages216 Pages
PublisherMacmillan Australia
Release Date2 August 2022
FiletypePDF or EPUB

Matthew Reilly was born in Sydney in 1974 and graduated from the University of New South Wales with a law degree. As a 19-year-old, Matthew self-published Contest and went on to secure a contract for the book. The first novel he produced for the industry, Ice Station, was a huge success. In fourteen countries and nine languages, his novels have become bestsellers after his success in Australia. Three short films have been directed by him, along with screenplays and magazine articles.

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