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Demon Copperhead PDF

Demon Copperhead PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Demon Copperhead” written by Barbara Kingsolver.

Demon Copperhead PDF

Southern Appalachian mountains are the setting for Demon Copperhead. The protagonist is a young boy with no assets other than his dead father’s good looks and copper-colored hair, a sarcastic wit, and a fierce talent for survival who was born to a teenage single mother in a single-wide trailer. He braves the contemporary perils of foster care, child labor, abandoned schools, athletic success, addiction, disastrous loves, and crushing losses in a plot that never pauses for breath and is relayed in his own unrelenting voice.

He struggles with his own invisibility throughout it all in a culture where even superheroes have turned their backs on rural people in favor of urban areas. From his own experience as a survivor of institutional poverty and the harm it caused to children in his society many generations ago, Charles Dickens based David Copperfield on his observations. In ours, those issues have yet to be resolved. Readers of this book are not required to be familiar with Dickens, but he served as its inspiration.

Barbara Kingsolver uses Charles Dickens’ rage, compassion, and most importantly, his belief in the transformative power of a good story to adapt a Victorian epic novel to the modern American South. A new generation of lost boys, as well as all those born into beautiful, cursed places they can’t imagine leaving behind, are represented by Demon Copperhead.

Kingsolver reinvents a literary classic by looking into the shadowy corners of modern Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains rather than Dickens’s Victorian England. Damon Fields, also known as Demon Copperhead, was born with life already behind him, and before long he was living in foster care facilities that were more like work camps than loving homes. Demon experiences a lot of setbacks throughout this coming-of-age novel, but he somehow manages to get back up again and again, just like the man in the arena, thanks to his reserves of Olympian endurance.

He experiences loss, hunger, cruelty, and the tidal wave of OxyContin that sweeps through his small county, but he never loses his love for the place that adopts him. In exposing Demon’s soul on the page, Kingsolver gives voice and visibility to a place and its people where beauty and desperation coexist. Her writing is compelling and illuminating.

About Demon Copperhead Barbara Kingsolver PDF

Book NameDemon Copperhead
AuthorBarbara Kingsolver
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages896 Pages
Release Date18 October 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Unsheltered, Flight Behavior, The Lacuna, The Poisonwood Bible, Animal Dreams, and The Bean Trees are just a few of Barbara Kingsolver’s ten fiction bestsellers. She has also written poetry, essays, and works of creative nonfiction. The influential bestseller Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life is her work of narrative nonfiction.

Kingsolver’s writing has received literary honors, gained a devoted following both domestically and abroad, and been translated into more than twenty different languages. She received the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for her body of work in addition to the National Humanities Medal, our nation’s highest honor for service through the arts. She resides in southern Appalachia on a farm with her family.

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