Download Fierce King PDF by Sadie Kincaid

Fierce King PDF by Sadie Kincaid

Fierce King: A Book

Download the book Fierce King PDF, written by author Sadie Kincaid and published by Red House Press on June 27, 2021, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 294 pages.

Title:Fierce King
Author:Sadie Kincaid
Publication:Red House Press
Publication date:27 June 2021
Total Pages:294
Document type:PDF
File Size:1 MB
Fierce King by Sadie Kincaid book information.

About the book

This book starts with an arranged marriage where 2 people both assume they know the other party but of course, have no clue. Alejandro is so sure he knows everything he needs to know about his new bride that it is fun to watch as he is taken by surprise over and over again as she reveals who she really is. His assumptions are not all correct and he soon realizes that maybe he can love someone. Alauna has only 1 impression of her new husband and it’s not good. However, through a series of trials and slow revelations, she learns that he is actually exactly what she has always wanted.

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