Forever Never PDF by Lucy Score

Forever Never PDF

Forever Never PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “Forever Never” written by Lucy Score.

Forever Never PDF

It was totally unexpected for me to read a story about enemies becoming lovers with a second chance, one that contained more suspense than I expected as well as a thrilling mystery. It was as charming as I’ve come to expect from Lucy Score- the emotional tug, the sweet, and the sexy- and she delivered it with all her charm. Throughout their story, Remi and Brick serve as the perfect antagonists with a historical vibe-a palpable tension between them that we can sense is a result of a complicated past, unexpressed emotions, and the festering longing for a love that will never die.

Angsty, magical push-pull, a result of many years of buried affection that manifests as a passionate hostility, makes this relationship an intricately woven one of tension and sparring. Due to the clever way in which our story unfolds over a different time frame, we can experience different phases of their connection during the course of our story, which gives us a much greater depth of understanding of how they are now interacting with each other and makes us anxious as we try to figure out what has exactly happened. There is something special about Remi – she is free-spirited, creative, and caring all at the same time.

Although I would have preferred her to push more on Brick’s squirreling than I do, I am able to appreciate her as a person and understand that beneath her big heart and artistic bravado, she has layers of insecurities hidden beneath it. As far as Brick is concerned, he, too, has some insecurities – they are well hidden under his broody, protective and dependable persona. In the present, as they work through some of the whys of their past, I was tempted to smack my head against his, because these things make for such intense drama and intensity as they work through them.

The story of these two has so much buried and unsaid- and the way we learn about what needs to be said and who is going to be the one to say it captivates us as we try to figure out just what needs to be said. All that dynamic romantic tension! It is on the long side- but there is so much story to be told about this place and these people that it is worth the time.

Getting over Remi’s feelings towards Brick in the here and now is not the only thing that Remi and Brick have to do, they also have to confront the baggage they carry from their past in order to break down those walls they have built around each other in the present. There are three basic lessons Remi and Break need to learn: the importance of honesty, communication, and trust. Throughout the journey, we’re taken on an emotional journey, one that has plenty of heartbreaks and frustrations, but also one that is filled with sweet sincerity and intense passion.

My favorite part of this book was how meta it felt to any of Lucy’s previous books-it really delved into the minds and hearts of these two complex characters, which I really appreciated. It was because of this that these two characters were so richly realized, as well as so emotionally resonant. There’s a mystery, suspense, and steam thrown in to make this a great page-turner, and it’s sure to keep you interested. There is always something delightful about Lucy Score, and Forever Never has become one of my new favorites!

About Forever Never Lucy Score PDF

Book NameForever Never
AuthorLucy Score
Pages586 Pages
PublisherThat’s What She Said Publishing
Release Date3 March 2021
File TypePDF & EPUB

The story isn’t just a love story. The story is full of danger and bad guys, as well as a puzzle that has to be solved. This book has it all. This is a real kick-butt story that encompasses all the feels because it is written by Lucy Score. The characters in this book have a great deal of depth and have many layers to them. You’ll connect with all of them. A book like this should certainly not be missed by anyone who enjoys reading. A well-written story, full of secrets, danger, suspense, mystery, witty banter, emotions, family, and friendships, as well as humorous and steamy scenes, is a fun and steamy read that will keep you entertained.

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