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Glint PDF Download: “Glint” by Raven Kennedy is a novel that explores the themes of self-discovery and identity. The novel is rich in imagery, and Kennedy’s writing style is described as evocative and powerful, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

Raven Kennedy Glint PDF

This is in no way a romance novel. This is a story about a lost and broken girl with Stockholm Syndrome learning to read between the lines while uncovering her true self while learning to read Truth from Lies with the help of unexpected allies who help her to discover who she truly is. Despite the fact that Auren has a broken heart, she has strength and perseverance in abundance in her jagged pieces. It is fascinating to watch her learn how to read people, but to watch her learn to trust herself is truly inspiring. This story just blew my mind.

I am enthralled by Aureb’s story as it continues to unfold. Moreover, Raven Kennedy has created a new set of characters that have a multitude of elements that make them stand out. There are three POVs in this book. Queen Malina, King Midas, and Auren. This is the first book in the Plated Prisoner series and it is entitled Glint.

This is a dark, adult fantasy that is both spellbinding and thrilling. Throughout the story, readers are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions following the main character, Auren. I would like to inform you that this book contains mature content (i.e. swearing, explicit sexual scenes, rape, etc.) and it may contain scenes or thoughts that are triggering to some people.

The book summary on the back of the book concerned me a little at first after reading the warning information on the cover of the book. As a result of these negative experiences, I found the author to be very artful and respectful about the subject matter. When you see the actions and thoughts of the main character, you will be able to empathize on a deeper level with those who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. As a fantasy reader, I would highly recommend this to those who are avid readers of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas and From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout.

The perspective of Auren’s worldview changes slowly as she is confined to the Fourth Army as a “prisoner”. She realizes though that although she feels like a prisoner, she actually has more freedom than she ever had when she lived in Midas’ cage of gilded steel. The question remains, however, as to whether this is sufficient to break the bond of loyalty to Midas. There are a number of new characters that we learn more about as a result of this episode. Queen Malina has her own POV, Kind Midas, and Auren. This book does not spend a lot of time talking about Queen Malina in great detail. I just knew that she hated Auren. No clue why.

Throughout this book, you will be able to observe her reasoning for why she acts or feels the way she does in specific situations. My heart hurt for her a little, but not enough. Its clear others found her lovable, but I didn’t find her to be a lovable character at all. If we are talking about people who despise Auren, we cannot leave out Midas’ Royal Saddles as we are on the topic of people who despise Queen M. I thought Malina hated Auren, but she could not hold a candle to the saddles’ anger and hatred towards her.

Despite the fact that they are vicious and cruel, and they don’t even know Auren, they still try to kill him. They didn’t really appeal to me either, with the exception of Rosh, who has maybe two scenes in both books combined, but I really feel like he needs to have his own story. Anyone else? There is a large portion of the book is dedicated to Auren’s time with the Fourth Army and the Commander of the Army, Rip. The TENSION! The tension between these two characters was so palpable that I could literally feel it in my bones. As a result, I grew to respect them both even more.

It was great to see them push each other so much, but in a way that was helpful to both of their characters’ development. As I have read the third book, I won’t say more about it because I do not want to spoil the story for those who have not yet read it. I felt this book was a bit of ACOTAR. It was a very different concept, but I found that there were some elements in it that were similar to other concepts. Once again, I do not want to spoil anything for the reader, so I won’t say any more about it.

I would say that the story moves along in the direction that you expect, but then it throws you for a loop at the end and it tells you things are going to get crazy, but it does so in a way that is exciting. In the midst of reading it, you are bouncing in your seat trying to decide whether you want to wait for the next book to begin so that you can get some popcorn because shiz is about to happen and it’s the moment you’ve been longing for.

About Glint Raven Kennedy PDF

Book NameGlint
AuthorRaven Kennedy
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages477 Pages
PublisherIndependently published
Release Date3 January 2021
File TypePDF & EPUB

The plot progression of this story was really interesting to me, and I really enjoyed it. There is a thickening of the plot and a change in its form. New and dynamic characters are introduced. There is a revelation of truths and an introduction of intrigues in this story. There is a great deal of development of the protagonist in this novel, but her journey isn’t yet complete, which is what makes you want to read the next book.

It really dives deep into the concept of being your own obstacle in the story. It has never been taught to Auren that it is her responsibility to take care of herself. There is no doubt that she is not a warrior but now she wonders whether being a victim any longer can truly make her happy. She struggles to make big choices. It is true that the world has never been on her side, which is why she must take the reins into her own hands if she wants to succeed.

Others will do it for her. As far as the past is any indication, those who have chosen for her in the past did not have her best interests at heart when they made their decisions for her. They never do. Friends wear enemy faces. Enemies can deceit with kindness. Moreover, her true enemy might be someone else entirely who has nothing to do with her at all.

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