Download God of Fury PDF by Rina Kent

God of Fury PDF by Rina Kent

God of Fury: A Book

Download the book God of Fury pdf, written by author Rina Kent and published by Blackthorn Books on December 04, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 520 pages.

Title:God of Fury
Author:Rina Kent
Publication:Blackthorn Books
Publication date:4 December 2023
Total Pages:520
File Format:PDF
God of Fury by Rina Kent book information.

About the book

I’m not attracted to men.
Or so I thought before I slammed into Nikolai Sokolov.
A mafia heir, a notorious bastard, and a violent monster.
An ill-fated meeting puts me in his path.
And just like that, he has his sights set on me.
A quiet artist, a golden boy, and his enemy’s twin brother.
He doesn’t seem to care that the odds are stacked against us.
In fact, he sets out to break my steel-like control and blur my limits.
I thought my biggest worry was being noticed by Nikolai.
I’m learning the hard way that being wanted by this beautiful nightmare is much worse.

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