[PDF] Hiranyakashyap: The Narasimha Trilogy PDF Book Download

Hiranyakashyap The Narasimha Trilogy PDF Download

Hiranyakashyap PDF Download: You want to Download the Hiranyakashyap PDF ebook written by Kevin Missal? So hello guys, Today in this post we will provide you the download link of the PDF version of this book. So stay tuned with this post and download PDF for free.

Hiranyakashyap PDF Book Summury:

This is the second book of the Narasimha trilogy. I suggest that you should read the first book then read the second. This book is a perfect continuation of the series, catching up with the story building and character development. And maintained the cliffhanger and suspense.

Character development is awesome and each character gets their part. Personally you should know more about Andhaka and he should have received more spotlight. My favorite character is Holika, she is the closest representation of a common human being.

After surviving the three trials, Hiranyakashyap comes into possession of a celestial weapon and armor which makes him invincible. With his newfound power, he is all set to destroy Indra and his kingdom but on the other hand, Prahlad, his son, has joined Vishnusena and is opposing him.

He is hell-bent on trying to change his son’s mind and make him rejoin his side because the alternative is to kill his only living son. Narasimha is on his way to Kashyapuri to protect Prahlad but on his way, he meets an old friend and he derails from his path when his and his friend’s life is endangered from poison and the only antidote is Soma.

The two characters go through major character development in this book I.e. Holika and Chenchen. Holika has a change of heart after reading Prahlad’s journal and she begins questioning her judgment and on the other hand, Chenchen, the healer, comes out as a fighter and helps her friend Parvati in her quest to find her son.

Many new characters were introduced in this book. The language of the book is very simple and lucid. So this book is also recommended for the beginners.

Hiranyakashyap PDF Book Details:

Book Name:Hiranyakashyap: The Narasimha Trilogy
Author:Kevin Missal
Total Pages:264
Release Date:15 July 2020

Hiranyakashyap PDF Download Link

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