[PDF] Ibnebatuti Book PDF Download

Ibnebatuti PDF Download

Ibnebatuti Book PDF Download: Do you want to download this book written by Divya Prakash Dubey? So hello guys, Today in this post we will provide you with the download link to the pdf version of this book. So stay tuned with this post.

Ibnebatuti Book PDF

A really beautiful Story of the bond a son and his mother share, along with that it is also a story of a lady who is now known for the love and care she gives, to that of a girl who had her own individuality, her passions, her ambitions…

It is we who read the book, who is to question ourselves have we really cared ever, to know what our parents were in their younger days? And again there are things.. that a parent as a parent will probably never be able to tell their kids. I am a person, who never marks the lines in the book, and I maintained the same rule here too, BUT, it took a lot of restraint because a lot many beautiful lines are there… and it was seriously hard to not mark them, will probably make up for it by reading this book again and again…

All the Characters of the story are written really well, the story doesn’t lose its charm even for a page. A Book with a fresh storyline keeps you entertained and at the same time asks some really valid questions. The language used is very simple, and the book is not lengthy so you can easily read it in one sitting.

My favorite part of the story is the lovely mother-son relationship, probably because I have somewhat the same relationship with my mother. and when you start relating your real life with that of fiction that tells you a lot about the impact.

I have read the Previous 4 Books by the author and so was highly excited to read this as soon as possible, and that too with really high expectations and I got to read an amazing book. Also, I should mention here that reading in Hindi is always an Incomparable Joy. All my love to the author for writing this beautiful book, and now I will be waiting patiently for the next book.

Ibnebatuti PDF Book Download

Book Name:Ibnebatuti
Author:Divya Prakash Dubey
Publisher:Hind Yugm
Total Pages:122

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