IFA Practical Guide PDF

IFA Practical Guide PDF

IFA Practical Guide PDF: The most powerful way to align with your orí and egbé òrun in order to fulfill your authentic purpose. You can easily download it through the links given below on our website.

IFA Practical Guide PDF

The purpose of this book is to show you the most powerful way to align with your Ori and Egbé Orun daily, in order to fulfill your authentic purpose. To become aligned with your Orí means: “to be in tune with your true nature”. “You are a spiritual being and your authentic purpose is to enhance life with your spiritual gifts, but this can only happen when you are in alignment with your ORI (your true nature/source)”.

The core value of Ifá practice/divination is to supply us with a series of healthy exercises, that will enable us to become or remain aligned with our divine self(ori), so that we can have access to the source of creation within ourselves, and eventually function as Creators; not as dependent slaves.

This book will show you how to align with your Orí and Egbé òrun daily, through the divine wisdom of Orúnmilà. This book will teach you how to tune in and take back your position, as the divine being that you truly are.

When you align with your Orí, confidence will become you, and you will never have reasons to feel afraid or worry, regardless of what life throws at you. Most importantly, there will be no fear of natural death, bouts of depression, anxiety, or any other depressive state. When you are not concerned about these challenges, then you are unstoppable.

The lessons in this book will help you understand how to strengthen your bond with your orí and egbé daily, in order to awaken your Ase (power). But this will only happen when you put into action what you are about to learn from this book.

About IFA Practical Guide

  • Book Name: IFA Practical Guide
  • Author: Apetebi Efe Mena Aletor
  • Publisher: House of Joseph International
  • Pages: 142 Pages
  • Category: Education & Teaching
  • Release Date: 20 January 2022
  • Language: English

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