Just Married PDF by Caroline Chambers

Just Married PDF by Caroline Chambers

Just Married: A Book

Download the book Just Married PDF, written by author Caroline Chambers and published by Chronicle Books on October 16, 2018, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 272 pages.

Title:Just Married
Author:Caroline Chambers
Publication:Chronicle Books
Publication date:October 16, 2018
Total Pages:272
Document type:PDF
File Size:7 MB
Just Married by Caroline Chambers book information.

About the book

This happily-ever-after cookbook for two contains 130 recipes to celebrate a new marriage. Whether it’s experimenting in the kitchen or perfecting the classics, newlyweds can create cherished traditions around the table.

Filled with recipes perfect for spending leisurely days cooking with your loved one, entertaining ideas for family and friends, and plenty of options for quick and satisfying weeknight dinners, this book is a sweet and practical resource for modern couples. Just Married: A Cookbook for Newlyweds is a heartfelt collection of recipes and advice that fosters everyday romance and inspires traditions.

SOMETHING FOR EVERY COURSE: From breakfast and brunch to desserts and sides, this book covers every course and occasion, including chapters on party drinks and appetizers and dinner parties with friends.

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