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Kiss Her Once for Me PDF

Kiss Her Once for Me PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Kiss Her Once for Me: written by Alison Cochrun.

Kiss Her Once for Me PDF

Whether you are a romance lover or not, this holiday-themed novel will warm your heart. Kiss Her Once for Me is the new gold standard of rom-coms with its dizzyingly adorable and laugh-out-loud humor. A memorable page can be found on each page of Alison Cochrun’s writing because of her compassion, tenderness, and heart. Kiss Her Once for Me is a gift of a story. In addition to capturing the festive charm and nostalgia of the season, this holiday romance illustrates the wonder of falling head over heels in freshly fallen snow.

Despite being tangled in a knot of Christmas lights, giving and receiving love can be just as beautiful. However, with patience and perseverance, we are finally freed, with radiant joys that we all deserve. Featuring a big heart, affirmation, and a dreamy vibe, this book is an ode to those in search of love, family, and a new lease on life. It is hard to describe Cochran’s writing as anything other than whip-smart, comical, and vulnerable at times. As well as being a love letter to Portland and an in-depth exploration of family, art, and failure, Kiss Her Once For Me is also a queer celebration and subversion of romance tropes.

Even the most cynical among us will believe in the magic of snow days after reading Jack and Elle’s swooningly romantic love story. It is delightful to watch this clever spin on the fake dating trope unfold in this earnest queer rom-com that offers a sparkling winter wonderland, quirky family traditions, and a messy ‘love trapezoid’. This is a winner.

With her sophomore novel, Alison Cochrun mesmerizes readers by letting them enter the giant hearts and all-consuming romance of Ellie and Jack. Throughout this book, you will find joy and an intimate sense of self-love, which is both deeply tender and whip-smart. With the utmost attention to detail, Alison Cochrun establishes a safe haven of sensitivity and affirmation through her work. It’s exactly the whimsy-infused second-chance romance that the Queer Community deserves and what I’ve always longed for in While You Were Sleeping. May we all get a snow day.

A year ago, Ellie Oliver, a recent Portland transplant with her dream job in animation, met a woman in a bookstore on Christmas Eve and fell in love over the course of one night. However, after a betrayal the following morning and losing her job shortly thereafter, she finds herself alone, adrift, and desperate.

Despite finding work at a coffee shop, Ellie has been struggling financially and feeling isolated until Andrew offers a shocking, drunken proposal: a marriage of convenience that will allow him to receive his recent inheritance and alleviate Ellie’s financial woes. In order to maintain their ruse, they decide to spend the holidays together at his family cabin. Andrew introduces his fiancee to his sister, but Ellie is stunned to discover it’s Jack, the mystery woman she fell in love with on one magical Christmas Eve a year ago. Ellie must now decide between the safety of a fake relationship and the risk of being in a real relationship.

About Kiss Her Once for Me Epub

Book NameKiss Her Once for Me
AuthorAlison Cochrun
Pages368 Pages
PublisherAtria Books
Release Date1 November 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Cochrun writes queer love stories, including her debut novel, The Charm Offensive. She was a high school English teacher before becoming a writer. Her giant dog and an extensive collection of brightly colored books keep her company outside of Portland, Oregon. or @AlisonCochrun on Instagram and Twitter are places where you can find her online.

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