Download Made for Living PDF by Amber Lewis

Made for Living PDF by Amber Lewis

Made for Living: A Book

Download the book Made for Living pdf, written by author Amber Lewis and published by Clarkson Potter on October 27, 2020, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 288 pages.

Title:Made for Living
Author:Clarkson Potter
Publication:Clarkson Potter
Publication date:27 October 2020
Total Pages:288
File Format:PDF
File Size1.2 MB
Made for Living by Amber Lewis book information.

About the book

Designing a room with all the vibes comes down to how you layer your decor. The more you can mix the elements of your room your pillows, objects, patterns, and lighting the more finished it’ll feel: not too new, not too old, but just right.Known for her eclectic approach that stems from her California cool, Amber Lewis trains your eye in Made for Living, offering friendly advice on everything from nailing that perfect shade of paint to mismatching patterns with wild abandon to choosing a stone finish for new countertops. These pages will help you design a home that’s made to be lived in.

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