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Mafia Mistress PDF

Mafia Mistress PDF Free Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Mafia Mistress: The Kings of Italy” written by Mila Finelli.

Mafia Mistress Mila Finelli PDF

A companion book to the Italian King series, Mafia Mistress is the first book of the Italian King series, which is not yet complete. The mafia-attached Francesca is an independent woman with a firm sense of self and a desire to achieve her goals without having to grow into their abilities. Compared to Aida Gallo, I think this is rare in the world of mafia books.

A dispute between Frankie’s father and Fausto led to her becoming the wife of his son. There was clearly a hiccup there. In addition to being the dirty-talking champ, Fausto is the best kind of mafia guy. Especially when he breaks out into Italian. The eldest son of an older mafia family is forced to marry a young mafia princess – a story that is remarkable just for its premise. Her betrothed father, the capo, finds that he wants her for himself- only not as his bride, but as his mistress.

The combination of our mercurial and powerful hero Fausto and our sassy but vulnerable heroine Francesco creates a sexy, addicting drama. The push and pull are just captivating. I’m excited to see where it goes between these two in the next book because this is very lusty, but there is also emotional energy between them. The two of them can be seen settling into their unexpected dynamic in ways that I know will grow them.

Despite the fact that these characters will drive you bonkers, they are so entertaining. The story has some great secondary characters, some gorgeous scenic Italian scenes, and a lot of possessive, jealous, over-the-top mafia men trying to control and possess the sassy mistress. In view of the consequences, it seems as if the big conflict was overdramatized. It is important to note that some may struggle with it due to Fausto’s biases, though I am hopeful he will redeem himself.

There haven’t been any books that have swept me away so quickly in a long time, so I’m eager to read more from this author! The book is all over BookTok and with every bit of hype. Several typical mafia romance tropes are present in this story, including an age gap, an arranged marriage, and enemies who become lovers. More than that, it has a unique spin on each that made this a book I read in one sitting.

About Mafia Mistress Read Online Free

Book NameMafia Mistress: The Kings of Italy
AuthorMila Finelli
Pages302 Pages
PublisherIndependently published
Release Date13 September 2021
File TypePDF or EPUB

Take a moment to download Mafia Darling, the second half of this story, before you continue reading. A feisty heroine like Francesca, who is stubborn but not stupid, is the perfect foil for the romance. Even though it took him a few chapters to grow on me, Fausto’s internal conflict is really well done at the beginning. You’ll want to read the next one right away!

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