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Malibu Rising PDF

Malibu Rising PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Malibu Rising: A Novel” written by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Malibu Rising PDF

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s latest novel, Malibu Rising, explores the dysfunctional relationships within the Riva family. Malibu1983. Being related to the Riva family makes you a local celebrity. Everybody wants to be a Riva or be with a Riva. However, Nina, the oldest Riva sister, will host her annual summer party, bringing back their secrets, tragedies, and traumas. The novel tells a beautiful story about a family coming of age and finding out who they are and where they want to go.

A pure escapist gem that captures the essence of the early 1980s, Malibu Rising has a perfect beach vibe. As Taylor weaves her magic, a summer read becomes an emotional narrative exploring themes like love, belonging, and family responsibilities. Through her beautifully created authentic, vulnerable, broken but still resilient characters, we get a glimpse into the unique and touching collective stories of the Riva family. The 7 Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is my favorite book by this author, and Malibu Rising comes close.

A surfer family called Riva lives in Malibu in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book. In the present, the timeline takes place in an opulent mansion owned by Nina, the eldest sister, during a wild party that ends in flames. In order to establish the background for the plot, the story jumps between two other generational timelines. There was good writing and a lot of intrigues in it. The author of this book has mastered the art of showing both human shallowness and psychological depth simultaneously – a juxtaposition that is intriguing.

Malibu Rising tells the story of a family whose lives have been affected by fame and trauma. We are followed by protagonist Nina, the eldest of four children, as she struggles with her past, her relationships with her siblings, and her future prospects. This is similar to Netflix’s Bloodline, but with a lot more fame, pop culture references, and surf culture in the eighties of Malibu.

It is in Daisy Jones and again in Malibu Rising that Taylor Jenkins Reid captivates me with the way she transports the reader to a different time and culture. There were times when I found it a bit slow, but the characters were provoking, well-developed, and highly relatable. This is perfect for fans of family dramas with pop star ego and some eighties glamour!

A dysfunctional family is the subject of this story. This seems to be a repeating pattern in history. Throughout the story, characters move seamlessly from the past to the present day. As he once was a glamorous, famous, glitzy young man, he is now broke, food insecure, and barely surviving. As it follows the thread of a family saga, each of the members brings a messed-up life to the party where everything crashes around them.

It feels refreshing and unique to read Taylor Jenkins Reis’ writing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Daisy Jones’ journalistic interview style or Evelyn Hugo’s memoir feel. The story of Malibu Rising is told through flashbacks about Mick Riva and his first wife, June, specifically June, juxtaposed with the Riva Siblings’ party. I recommend this book to those who are looking for some summer “rad” vibes and are looking for a great read with compelling characters and a suspenseful plot. This book won’t disappoint.

About Malibu Rising Free PDF

Book NameMalibu Rising: A Novel
AuthorTaylor Jenkins Reid
Pages384 Pages
PublisherDoubleday Canada
Release Date1 June 2022
FiletypePDF & EPUB

There are many New York Times bestsellers by Taylor Jenkins Reid, including Daisy Jones and The Six, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, One True Love, Maybe in Another Life, After I Do, and Forever, Interrupted. Her husband, daughter, and dog live in Los Angeles with her.

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