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Mastering Magick PDF

Mastering Magick provides the reader with a clear outline of how to create the life they want as opposed to a vague, meandering, painful existence that seems to never end. Here is a book that will heal our hearts at a time when we all need to be connected to the Divine and have wisdom. The experience of intense trauma has been a lifelong struggle for me, and I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to rebuild a life of joy, power, and love after a traumatic experience. There is no denying that Mastering Magick is a book of spells, as well as a book of vulnerability, rawness, and unflinching honesty.

The way Mat Auryn presents a wide range of useful spells, based on poignant moments from his difficult past, shows just how effective these spells can be as well as why they can heal us when performed correctly. This is a perfect sequel to Psychic Witch, one of the best-selling books of all time. Throughout this beautifully written grimoire, Mat Auryn provides both a wonderful history of his rise to being a witch–one that is heartwarming yet immediately relatable at the same time–and a wide range of spellwork that aids magickal seekers in becoming all that they can be as witches.

This book is both a work of literature as well as a professional guide to spellcraft by mastering magick. As a follow-up to Mat Auryn’s highly inspiring Psychic Witch, Mat Auryn brings to us a second volume of wisdom and guidance in the same vein. As a continuation of Psychic Witch, but in a way that is entirely approachable on its own, Mastering Magick invites the reader to explore their boundaries in order to deepen and enrich their practice in daily life. Taking things one step at a time and asking us to think about each small part of the whole process, Mat helps us gain a deeper understanding of the basis of how magic is formed.

Among the rare books that can teach you something new while at the same time being deeply vulnerable, Mastering Magick is one of them. Even with the most advanced level of knowledge in the occult, Auryn has managed to render complex occult concepts in a way that everyone can understand. In the end, however, it was getting to know the author along the way that made it the true gift. This book is aimed at helping people develop their own psychic abilities rather than just focusing on rituals and spells, as Mat Auryn does in Psychic Witch.

Throughout Mastering Magick, he shows a systematic way in which the Witch can build the skills that she will need in order to apply those powers to spells and rituals. In this book, you will find out about the integration of inner actions of the mind and energy with outer actions taken with candles, oils, and spoken charms in a seamless way. In order to become the Witch that matters, you need to work through the book step by step. Whether a reader is in the grip of a satyr leading us through a dark forest of enchantments and wonders of the unknown, Mat Auryn’s Mastering Magick is surefooted as a satyr.

Throughout this work, Mat presents a rich tapestry of sources, ideas, encouragement, and, yes, practices, all of which aim to lead you to the goal of mastering the Art on your own terms. The reader is adeptly placed between conceptual understanding and going right into rituals and spellwork, giving the reader the ability to take that learning to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are new to pagan magick or if you have been a practitioner for many years, Mat’s step-by-step study course will delve deeper into your sense of spirit and will inevitably lead you to empowerment and insight.

It is the author Mat Auryn’s purpose to help the magical novice come into their own power in a straightforward manner that anyone can understand. He uses his extensive experience to do this. Auryn offers us a book that is packed with techniques, meditations, spells, and exercises that you will want to refer to again and again while conversing with the elemental universe and honoring his own teachers and guides that you will find helpful. In order to reach for the stars, you have to have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Mastering Magick by Mat Auryn will give you a solid foundation in the dynamics of practical magic and the skills of casting effective spells.

About Mastering Magick Mat Auryn PDF

Book NameMastering Magick: A Course in Spellcasting for the Psychic Witch
AuthorMat Auryn
GenreOccult & Paranormal
Pages296 Pages
PublisherLlewellyn Publications
Release Date8 October 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Mat Auryn is a witch, a professional psychic, and an occult teacher who teaches information about the occult. Also, he is the author of several internationally best-selling books, including the international bestseller, Psychic Witch, as well as a High Priest in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft. Besides running For Puck’s Sake on Patheos Pagan, he is also a teacher at Modern Witch University, and he writes a column entitled “Extra-Sensory Witchcraft” for Witches & Pagans magazine. Aside from the various magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books, anthologies, and other periodicals, he has appeared in, he is well known for his work.

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