Nothing But It All PDF by Adriana Locke

Nothing But It All PDF by Adriana Locke

Nothing But It All: A Book

Download the book Nothing But It All PDF, written by author Adriana Locke and published by Montlake on February 20, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 269 pages.

Title:Nothing But It All
Author:Adriana Locke
Publication date:February 20, 2024
Total Pages:269
Document type:PDF
File Size:10 MB
Nothing But It All by Adriana Locke book information.

About the book

After twenty years, the cracks in Lauren Reed’s marriage are showing. She and her husband, Jack, feel more like roommates than a loving couple. What they have in common are two wonderful teenagers, Michael and Maddie, and the same wistful question: When did it all go wrong? Now that Lauren’s decided to get on with her life―alone―divorce is inevitable.

Not to the kids. They aren’t giving up so easily.

Michael and Maddie have conspired with their grandfather to bring everyone together for a vacation in the family’s favorite summer getaway, a rustic lakeside cabin in Story Brook, Ohio. Awkward? Yep. A little deceptive? Sure. But as far as traps go, Lauren and Jack agree―the meddlers couldn’t have set one that was more scenic or filled with so many bittersweet memories.

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