Once Upon A Broken Heart PDF Free Download

Once Upon A Broken Heart PDF

Once Upon A Broken Heart PDF Free Download: “Once Upon a Broken Heart” is a novel by Stephanie Garber. The novel explores themes of love, family, and the power of storytelling. The novel was first published in 2021. It is a standalone novel that tells a story of a girl who has a heart condition and falls in love with a boy who has a heart condition as well.

Once Upon A Broken Heart PDF

Throughout Once Upon A Broken Heart, there were surprises around every corner! Every time you think things are going smoothly, she surprises you with a shocking character reveal or a startling backstory. Stephanie Garber is QUEEN! She has blessed us with another magical book! It is important to remember that this book is BASED in the same world as Caraval before you begin reading it. It has nothing to do with it. Jacks and Evangeline Fox are the main characters in the story. This book is so magical and so easy to get lost in.

Whenever Stephanie Garber paints a scene, it is always perfect. She plans every detail with so much care, as you can tell from her writing. Scarlett and Tella are just perfect characters, and I’m glad we got to see a glimpse of them in this book. There are so many theories that I can’t even keep track of them. This book was so darn perfect! This twisty tale is absolutely captivating! There’s going to be a lot of fun once things start revealing themselves for Eva and Jack since they are such a complicated couple full of uncertainty and tangles.

Throughout the story, you are drawn into an entertaining and lively narrative. There is a constant back and forth as to who is innocent and who is the real villain. In the story, each character shows a wide range of personalities, and none of them are either all good or bad. The parts that are falling into place are so delightful to see, and it’s an impossible puzzle of words. Once Upon A Broken Heart is a great book for anyone who enjoys fairytales and love stories. The story reads like a mystery with a lot of twists and turns. The truths are not fully revealed, not even at the end.

Evangeline, who has already lost a lot, is the main character of this story. She is hoping for love this time, given to her by a boy. It is announced that the boy is engaged to her step-sister. As Evangeline attempts to get him back, he has not come or contacted her back when she reached out to him. In this case, she turns to the Prince of Hearts, the only person she believes can help.

However, the solution he provides only causes a bigger problem (a curse) that Evangeline feels guilty about. So she takes on the curse herself, believing it will be broken by her love. (And she still owes him three kisses in exchange for his help.) But when she is released, nothing is how she expected. In addition, Evangeline’s step-sister is considered cursed and all eligible bachelors stay clear of her, the boy she loves hasn’t been seen in a long time, and both girls are notorious for the scandal they caused.

In an attempt to resolve the problem, Evangeline brings her step-sister along when she’s given the opportunity to escape. In addition, she may be trying to escape the debt she owed Jack’s, thinking he won’t be able to collect from her if she can’t be found.

A full-blown feast, this story will delight you with everything from a whimsical world to a creative story, engaging characters, and a plot that will leave you breathless. There are plenty of twists and turns in this fast-paced read, and just when you think you have figured it all out, a sweet dessert makes a perfect ending. Can’t wait for the sequel! Those who enjoyed the Caravel trilogy will also enjoy this break-off story. An otherwise basic idea or sentence is embellished with beauty and sparkle by the author. Although some of the books are over-the-top and silly, I couldn’t put them down once I started reading them!

About Once Upon A Broken Heart Read Online Free

Book NameOnce Upon A Broken Heart
AuthorStephanie Garber
GenreScience Fiction & Fantasy
Pages416 Pages
PublisherFlatiron Books
Release Date28 September 2021
File TypePDF & EPUB

The novel marks the beginning of a thrilling new series by beloved author Stephanie Garber about love, curses, and the lengths people will go to for a happily ever after. Overall, this book was an easy read. Although it was not overly complicated, it still managed to be entertaining. Even though some parts annoyed me (mainly Evangeline’s see-sawing opinions), it was an enjoyable experience for the most part. Look at that. We’ve come to the end of this review, and I think we’ve waded through my thoughts well enough that I can say I really enjoyed it.

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