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Download and read online Owned By A Sinner pdf full book for free where the Owned By A Sinner: An Irish Mafia Romance book is written by Michelle Heard. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a download link to the Owned By A Sinner pdf. You can instantly download & read online the Owned By A Sinner: An Irish Mafia Romance book in pdf and epub format using the following link.

Owned By A Sinner PDF Book Summary

The Sinners Series 2nd installment may even be better than the first. It has great characters you’ll love and an obsession reading every word to find out what happens to the villain and if there is a happy ending. This is very different from book 1. It’s a love story between the son of one of the Irish mafia’s men and the daughter of the organization’s head in Chicago. We are given Jimmy’s perspective at the beginning of the book, Kiara’s father.

When he finds out Kiara‘s mother is pregnant, he decides to protect her from all the drama by keeping Kiara from knowing about his involvement in the Mafia. Flash forward to the present. Kiara is looking for a job to make ends meet. As well as needing assistance for her father’s heart attack, she also needs money to survive. When she finds a job at Byrne Enterprises, both of her parents advise her not to take it.

However, she ends up getting hired because she needs the money. Her ignorance of Liam’s role in the Irish mafia is what has caused her to fear him. There is a Byrne brother she meets, but he isn’t Liam, and he isn’t a good guy. As soon as she starts working, he starts crossing lines. After blackmailing her, he threatens her mom with consequences if she doesn’t obey him. Enter swoony and boss-man Liam. Liam can’t stand being touched. People know this, and they respect his boundaries.

His first physical encounter with Kiara occurs when she bumps into him in the elevator- and he doesn’t recoil. She intrigues him, interests him, and he looks at her in awe. He wants her, and she wants him too. Liam ended up rescuing Kirara when Finn blackmailed her, so it was understandable that it took some time, but once she started to heal, it was game on. Liam is patient, he knows what she’s been through, but once she submits to him and he takes charge, it’s over. She needs him because he is alpha, dominant, and everything she needs.

She craves him, and I was here for it. He’s more than just a businessman and a boss in the mafia world. There are no lulls in Owned by a Sinner, which has a great storyline. There’s a lot of chemistry between Liam and Kiara, even though it’s a slow burn. Heard’s book is as loved for its supporting characters as it is for its main characters. There is nothing quite like a love story like Liam & Kiara’s to make you smile and wish you could have one like it. Such an amazing book. I know you will enjoy it! Happy Reading!

Details of Owned By A Sinner PDF by Michelle Heard

Book NameOwned By A Sinner: An Irish Mafia Romance
AuthorMichelle Heard
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages408 Pages
PublisherIndependently published
Release Date28 April 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

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This is a well-written, mafia tale. Passionate, violent, steamy, and caring. It all meshed in a beautiful way and I adored this story. There are dominant men in this series who share their emotions freely with the women they love. There is an inner strength that shines through these women, and they are not weak. Eager for the next book!

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