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Punk 57 PDF

Punk 57 PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “Punk 57” written by Penelope Douglas.

Punk 57 PDF

Misha Lare (spoiler alert – he’s Will Grayson III’s younger cousin) and Ryen are the main characters in Punk 57. Having been pen pals since childhood, they are still in touch today. Letters have been their only method of communication, and they have promised not to search for each other on social media. As the line goes, “We were perfect together. Until we met.” That’s the universal truth of pop culture today: everything is a pose, we’re playing all the time, and everyone is a fraud.

The two have been writing letters since the fifth grade when Misha and Ryen were in the same class. RIt was hard for Ryen to make friends because he was a loner. Her teacher suggested that she write letters to Misha, and she finally found the friend she was looking for. Despite their names being opposite, they were erroneously matched. Even though they lived only a town away from each other, they agreed not to meet, not to burst their friendship bubble. They have maintained a friendship that is the best kind for seven years.

Misha and his bandmates participate in a scavenger hunt one night during their performance. As he begins talking to the girl, he realizes that she is Ryen, HIS Ryen, the Ryen he has been best friends with since childhood. In all those years of letter writing, she didn’t look anything like what he imagined or who she painted herself to be. In fact, she looks normal. As part of the scavenger hunt, he does not reveal his name, opting to remain anonymous. Due to his fascination with Ryen, his sister keeps calling him, but he ignores them. He has no idea that his sister is dying, something he will regret for the rest of his life.

He stops writing after a few months. No response is ever received by Ryen, even though he continues to write. Although she doesn’t know what’s happening, life must go on. In school, she hangs out with the “popular” kids, is a cheerleader, and is a bully. One day, the scavenger guy appears at their school. It is he who knows who she is, but she does not know who he really is. In Ryen, he sees disappointment- he is disappointed that she isn’t who he thought she was all these years, that she does not stand up for the bullying victims, and that she conducts the bullying herself.

Their interactions are. They can’t help but gravitate toward each other due to this underlying current of thick chemistry. His blunt approach causes her to question her behavior, even her beliefs, as a result of him telling to her as it is. There is a sizzling, visceral, raw, and even animalistic connection between them. It’s intense, in the best way. Once they share their first kiss.. oh… sweet. It only gets better! It was all too much for me! He challenges her, and she’s snarky right back. I loved it all.

Misha is at this school for a reason. It was fortuitous that Ryen also attends this school. As the book unfolds, there are many secrets revealed… and I was there to experience them. It was great to see Michael, Will, and Kai, even if it was just for a few minutes. Shoot even Rika made an appearance. I appreciated how PD addressed the bullying. It’s clear that the h wasn’t innocent and that she needs to be held accountable. Although she’s mostly redeemed, I can see how some people might not think it’s enough for them.

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Book NamePunk 57
AuthorPenelope Douglas
Pages341 Pages
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date18 October 2016
File TypePDF or EPUB

The New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal have all ranked Penelope Douglas as a bestselling author. Aflame and Corrupt and Misconduct are among the ten books translated into ten languages from the Fall Away Series (Bully, Until You, Rival, Falling Away, and Aflame). Next to Never (A Fall Away Novella) releases in January 2017. Almost every day, she shops at Target and dresses for autumn all year long. Las Vegas is where she lives with her husband and daughter.

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