Royally Not Ready PDF by Meghan Quinn

Royally Not Ready PDF

Royally Not Ready PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “Royally Not Ready” written by Meghan Quinn.

Royally Not Ready Meghan Quinn PDF

This book revolves around Lilly, who finds out she is royalty, and Keller, who is supposed to train her in the My Fair Lady style. It is a great enemies-ish to lovers, and one of her spicier books. There is a lot of spice in this book, similar to the Not So Meet Cute/Not Meant To Be series, but she explores dom/sub relationships in this one.

An epic story has been written by Meghan Quinn about a future Queen and the man who will train her to become the best Queen Torskethorpe has ever seen. One day, Lilly, who is working at a Bikini Wagon in Miami, meets a man in a suit, Keller, who brings her to Torskethorpe and introduces her to her long-lost grandparents. Once they arrive at Castle, she discovers that she is not just visiting her grandparents, she is being asked to be the next Queen because she is the heir to the throne.

As soon as Lilly introduces herself, it is clear she is an American without a filter. Her two Royal guards and Keller, with whom she was training to be Queen, would allow her to say anything and everything as soon as it came to mind. She self-assigned herself the task of watching The Crown and Bridgerton as part of her preparation for becoming Queen. I liked that. As a result, she made references to the shows constantly in order to irk Keller, resulting in the fantastic “Informative” reports! With Lilly and Keller’s banter throughout the first part of the book, there was such a sense of tension that I knew their relationship would be perfect when they made the leap!

Meghan Quinn delivers some laughs in her version of a super smexy My Fair Lady, which just happens to be one of my favorites. It is a situation in which Lilly, a very strategically pierced, free-spirited woman living life to the fullest in Miami, sprays down contestants in wet T-shirt contests when Keller Fitzwilliam jumps into her life and ruins everything she thought she knew about her family. To become heir to their throne, Keller must take her back to a grandfather she didn’t know she had, to a country she has never heard of. Keller’s just got to get her “presentable” first. Keller’s insecurities end up being Lilly’s downfall, but will her bubbly personality prevent their happily ever after?

Royally Not Ready was just a super cute read that makes you laugh and makes you feel good. The storyline was great, with a few laugh-out-loud moments as well as a surprise twist at the end. Keller has never met anyone like Lilly before. She’s hysterical. When she’s silent, she tends to spout off word vomit that’s a bit on the crass side.

As sassy as she is, she is vulnerable, and that vulnerability causes Keller to break every rule he holds dear. As much as Keller is the super alpha protector, he also has the soul of an artist and has his moments of insecurity. Because of that, he was more relatable and likable despite his mistakes. As a result of the grovel and grand gesture, I felt good about the book and finished it with a warm feeling inside.

About Royally Not Ready Meghan Quinn EPUB

Book NameRoyally Not Ready
AuthorMeghan Quinn
Pages496 Pages
PublisherMeghan Quinn
Release Date8 August 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Meghan Quinn is a #1 Amazon and USA Today Bestselling Author, a wife, an adoptive mother, and a peanut butter addict. Throughout all her books, Meghan Quinn combines heart, humor, and heat to bring readers the perfect blend of romance and comedies.

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