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Soul Taken PDF Book Summary

Another wonderful Mercyverse book has been written by Patricia Briggs. A great deal of effort goes into building characters and creating imaginative plots in her novels. I most appreciate Mercy’s world for its connections to myths and the many details she provides. Wulfe, a whackjob witch/vampire, has stalked Mercy for quite some time now in his own weird and wacky way.

A mysterious warning is issued by Marsilia to Mercy, Adam, and the pack when Wuffle goes missing. Marsilia says that if Wuffle is not found, dire consequences will occur for the entire supernatural community they have worked to protect since the Marrok breakup. As well as Wulfe disappearing, they discover low-level magic users who moved to the Tri-Cities for protection have also disappeared with Larry, the Goblin King.

Sherwood Post’s identity has finally been revealed for those eagerly anticipating it. Since Mercy has developed a bond with Stefan and more recently Wulfe, she starts experiencing strange dreams usually involving unpleasant memories from the past. Mercy seems to have defeated or at least contained an enemy, but it appears that he has returned to cause death and mayhem. The last book and this one seem to have turned Stefan into a whipping boy.

This story also expands on Zee’s history, and he’s an important character. The truth is that Zee is many things, nice not one of them, but he does care for Mercy: he is also very, very dangerous even more than she thought he was before. Despite Mercy’s optimistic belief that he can control it, Adam feels it is not all her fault that he is dealing with his scary, bad uber monster self.

In Adam’s mind, he has always seen himself in a dark light, and this feeds into his behavior. In spite of the fact that Mercy has a reputation for putting herself in danger, it is hard for Adam to let her do it. Their challenge is dealing with strange supernatural creatures as well as a sickle that transforms its wielder into a Grim Reaper of the supernatural world.

As Warren has been in a tizzy over an issue that he doesn’t want to share, he lashed out against Mercy and the pack, so plenty of trouble keeps Mercy and company quite busy. It’s Mercy’s trickster dad, the Coyote, who shows up to help with some dire circumstances. This story has all the chaos, fear, and fierce battles readers have come to expect from this series, thanks to Mercy.

Details of Soul Taken PDF by Patricia Briggs

Book NameSoul Taken (A Mercy Thompson Novel)
AuthorPatricia Briggs
GenreNovels & Literature
Pages400 Pages
Release Date23 August 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

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There is a Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series (Smoke Bitten, Storm Cursed) as well as the Alpha and Omega novels (Wild Sign, Burn Bright) by Patricia Briggs, the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

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