Sweet Severity PDF by Zoe Blake

Sweet Severity PDF by Zoe Blake

Sweet Severity: A Book

Download the book Sweet Severity PDF, written by author Zoe Blake and published by Digital Kindle on February 24, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 394 pages.

Title:Sweet Severity
Author:Zoe Blake
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:February 24, 2024
Total Pages:394
Document type:PDF
File Size:7 MB
Sweet Severity by Zoe Blake book information.

About the book

Upon seeing the bruises on her wrist, I struggled to contain my rage.
Despite her objections, I refused to allow her to leave.
Whoever hurt this innocent beauty would pay dearly.
As a Russian Mafia crime boss who owns Chicago’s most elite gambling club, I have very creative and painful methods of exacting revenge.
She seems too young and naive to be out on her own in such a dangerous world.
Needing a nanny, I decided to claim her for the role.
She might resist my severe, domineering discipline, but I won’t give her a choice in the matter.
She needs a protector, and I’d be damned if it were anyone but me.
Resisting the urge to claim her will test all my restraint.
It’s a battle I’m bound to lose.
With each day, my obsession and jealousy intensify.
It’s only a matter of time before my control snaps…and I make her mine.

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