Download Taming Seraphine PDF by Gigi Styx

Taming Seraphine PDF by Gigi Styx

Taming Seraphine: A Book

Download the book Taming Seraphine PDF, written by author Gigi Styx and published by Independently on November 29, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 658 pages.

Title:Taming Seraphine
Author:Gigi Styx
Publication date:29 November 2023
Total Pages:658
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.4 MB
Taming Seraphine by Gigi Styx book information.

About the book

Sera has been through the most traumatic 5 years you can imagine, and the hero has no idea who he just saved. If you’re thinking Sera is going to be in panic attacks and tears think again. She’s too busy planning murderous revenge because “it doesn’t count if it’s the blood of your enemies.” Leroi is a trained assassin, but he’s a marshmallow compared to her. While he can be a jerk, there’s no dub between him and Sera. He cares so much about her and wants to help her control her stabby tendencies before they both end up dead or in prison. This is a dark, spicy, and unhinged romance novel. When a book has over 40 plus trigger warnings that should tell you that you’re for some crazy mess.

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