Download The Anthology of Balaji PDF by Eric Jorgenson

The Anthology of Balaji PDF by Eric Jorgenson

The Anthology of Balaji: A Book

Download the book The Anthology of Balaji pdf, written by author Eric Jorgenson and published by Smart Friends on October 24, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 290 pages.

Title:The Anthology of Balaji
Author:Eric Jorgenson
Publication:Smart Friends
Publication date:24 October 2023
Total Pages:290
File Format:PDF
File Size2.5 MB
The Anthology of Balaji by Eric Jorgenson book information.

About the book

How do you thrive in an unknown future? When you can’t see past the world we have now, look to visionaries like Balaji Srinivasan. His ideas show us how to build a healthier, brighter, and more technologically-advanced humanity. In The Anthology of Balaji: A Guide to Technology, Truth, and Building the Future, Eric Jorgenson curates a collection of Balaji’s wisdom from his entire career. In “Technology” you will see how technology shapes our world today and the ways it could shape our future. In “Truth” you learn how to think for yourself through the constant clamor of information and media. Finally, in “Building the Future,” you will learn how to wield Technology and Truth to change your life, change your community, and-maybe-change the future of our species. This guide will help you pick the next great investment, start a billion-dollar company, or even a new country. The Anthology of Balaji helps you visualize and build your brightest future.

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