The Beginning After the End PDF Download

The Beginning After the End PDF

The Beginning After the End PDF Download: We are excited to share with you the book “The Beginning After the End” written by TurtleMe.

The Beginning After the End PDF

The king of Grey had a prosperous reign, yet his opulence and success could not bury his emptiness and loneliness. In a magical world where monsters and magic abound, Arthur Leywin reincarnates as Arthur Leywin, a baby born in a world without kings and queens. As a result of his memories of his previous life and his desire to protect the newfound warmth surrounding him, Art begins the journey of becoming a strong warrior.

For Art to be as influential as possible, he trains in swords, builds mana, and studies magic. The question is, can he repel the dangers that threaten his second chance at life…? One of my favorite books, so when I saw it was available in comic form, I just had to have it.

About The Beginning After the End Novel PDF Download

Book NameThe Beginning After the End
GenreGraphic Novel
Pages260 Pages
PublisherYen Press
Release Date2 August 2022
File TypePDF or EPUB

A Berkeley graduate, TurtleMe has discarded his identity as a corporate worker to dive into the world of fantasy under the mask of TurtleMe. TurtleMe has been writing web serials for over two years. His novel “The Beginning After The End”, a tale about a king’s rebirth into a new life of magic and twisted fate, incorporates traditional and eastern literature with fast-paced installments. His favorite things are books, comics, games, and taking walks with his loving girlfriend, Grace, and devious dog, Roy.

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