Download The Broken Vows PDF by Catharina Maura

The Broken Vows PDF by Catharina Maura

The Broken Vows: A Book

Download the book The Broken Vows PDF, written by author Catharina Maura and published by Independently on September 28, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 514 pages.

Title:The Broken Vows
Author:Catharina Maura
Publication date:28 September 2023
Total Pages:514
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.6 MB
The Broken Vows by Catharina Maura book information.

About the book

Celeste and Zane are childhood rivals lovers to enemies. Five or so years after they finish high school Zane and Celeste both go against their families and enter a forbidden relationship, they are just about to convince their grandparents to allow their marriage when all goes south and they turn into enemies. The Windsor family only does arranged marriages and finally, Grandma Anne decides that Zane and Celeste are the perfect match for each other. With certain rules set into place both Z&C are forced into a marriage. Both will do anything to hurt the other, but as they spend more time with each other they realize that their love for each other never went away.

As the truth comes out of why they turned enemies in the first place it is heartbreaking to see that they lost years of time with each other. Celeste just might be my favorite character ever. She went through so much. In her eyes her lover having betrayed her, but still loving Zane was basically torture for her and then finding the truth and guilt and grief that came with it was devastating. But she still pulled through and lived her life full of love. This book was heartbreakingly beautiful and so intense. This book showed just how devastating mental illness can be and that there are sometimes two truths within one story.

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