The Butcher and The Wren PDF

The Butcher and The Wren PDF

The Butcher and The Wren PDF: We are excited to share with you the book “The Butcher and The Wren” written by Alaina Urquhart.

The Butcher and The Wren PDF

The Butcher and the Wren are perfect for fans of Dexter. The story pits a brutal serial killer against a determined medical examiner in a heart-pounding race against time. Due to the author’s unique background as an autopsy tech, the details she weaves in heighten the suspense and realism. The debut novel of the Morbid co-host will delight Morbid fans. There will be no ending to this book, so you will have to continue reading until the very end. Be prepared to be disturbed. A deliciously dark debut.

An exciting debut novel from the co-host of Morbid, a podcast that airs weekly on the podcast network. It’s told from the perspectives of an infamous serial killer and the medical examiner who follows the path of his victims. Among the Louisiana bayou’s dark corners lurks a murderer who has a penchant for medical experimentation, who is hard at work committed to committing his most brutal crime yet while taunting the authorities who desperately try to catch him.

It is hard to beat Dr. Wren Muller when it comes to forensic pathology. Since she is well-versed in historic crimes and has worked in the Medical Examiner’s office for years, she has never encountered a case she couldn’t solve. Until now. It seems as though Wren’s examination table is overflowing with cases, and she is soon embroiled in an all-consuming cat-and-mouse chase with a brutal murderer who is becoming brazen every day.

There’s no doubt that The Butcher and the Wren will ensnare readers with its straight-from-the-morgue details that only an autopsy technician can provide. In The Butcher and the Wren, another true crime podcaster gives readers a taste of the macabre. Alaina Urquhart, co-host of the critically acclaimed Morbid podcast, provides fans of gripping novels with an exciting thrill ride featuring a notorious serial killer fighting off a medical examiner determined to catch him.

About The Butcher and The Wren EPUB

Book NameThe Butcher and The Wren
AuthorAlaina Urquhart
Pages256 Pages
Release Date13 September 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

As the co-host of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, Alaina Urquhart loves all things science-related. Her personal experience as an autopsy technician gives her a unique perspective. As far as where she hails from, Alaina lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with her wonderful husband, John, and three amazing daughters, as well as their ghost puggle, Bailey. Approximately 75 percent of her diet consists of coffee, and she believes she and Agent Clarice Starling would make great friends.

She earned degrees in criminal justice, psychology, and biology before writing her first psychological horror novel. In her spare time, she hosts a horror movie podcast called Scream and the Parcast original show Crime Countdown. She usually spends her days recording or eviscerating. According to her, when she hangs up her microphone for the day, the dead have a chance to speak.

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