The Complete Grimoire PDF Free Download

The Complete Grimoire PDF Download by Lidia Pradas

Hello friends, In this post, we will provide The Complete Grimoire PDF written by Lidia Pradas. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Fair Winds Press. Stay tuned with this post and let’s enjoy it.

The Complete Grimoire PDF Summary:

It helps you a lot in learning about witches as a beginner. This book is educational, insightful, and easy to understand! Clean and organized with beautiful artwork on both the outside and inside. This helps you every day to grow and develop.

This book serves as an introduction to witchcraft and offers a broad range of practices and areas to go into. It covers what witchcraft is, the differences between paganism V Wicca V Witchcraft, the gender-neutral terminology of being a witch, the popular types of witches, and the types of witchcraft that come into that.

In addition to this, Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a practice, when you follow Wicca you are a witch, and therefore you do not need to say you are a ‘Wiccan Witch’ and instead would probably fall under others such as Green Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchcraft, Drac, etc).

This is clear, concise, and the perfect way for anyone interested in witchcraft or the occult to gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding! The illustrations are stunning and it is a wealth of information!

Book Name:The Complete Grimoire: Magickal Practices and Spells for Awakening Your Inner Witch!
Author:Lidia Pradas
Pages:176 pages
Publisher:Fair Winds Press
Release Date:1 September 2020

About the Author of “The Complete Grimoire”:

Lidia Pradas is the Wiccan witch behind the Instagram sensation Wiccan Tips. She was born in Spain and comes from a family of witches who taught her pagan traditions and other aspects of the craft. In 2020 she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. Now, Lidia writes and teaches about witchcraft and paganism, and she is dedicated to helping beginner witches find their own path

The Complete Grimoire PDF Free Download

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