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The Last White Man pdf

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The Last White Man PDF Summary

Through his novels, Mohsin Hamid takes on issues of race, class, and migration with a dash of magic and a genuine inquisitiveness. It is through doors that are no longer open to safety elsewhere that lovers are able to escape the violence surrounding them in Exit West. Throughout The Last White Man, Hamid examines the state of race in an era where people with different skin colors wake up, and thus, neighbors, the media, partners, and families treat them differently.

While white people become brown and the world shifts around them, the question of identity runs throughout this slim love story. Our society and individuals are responsible for inventing racism, as Hamid’s story reminds us of cool steadiness. You can read this book in one sitting, but it will stay with you for a long time afterward. In an age aflame with strident tweets, Hamid offers swelling remorse and expansive empathy.

Authors who are completely honest about their awkward journey along the racial spectrum can only write such a story. There is a sense of anticipation about the day – not forever out of reach, however – when we will finally close the casket on racial hierarchies and see each other for who we really are. There is a long history of fantastic treatments of race that have served to highlight the absurdity of a social construct wielding such power.

Taking up the legacy of this novel, Hamid presents a narrative that challenges readers to consider how a seemingly superficial feature like skin tone plays a significant role in their lives. Upon reading this book, it is easy to assume that race is the central theme. However, what keeps the reader interested is the changing relationships, each of which is based on one’s capacity not only to tolerate, but also to see the other human being fully, and to meet him or her exactly where he or she is. It is miraculous, truly miraculous, that anyone is able to allow love.

This story thrives on the contrast between the old and new selves within the same individual, such that it serves as a powerful illustration of the consequences of confusing biology with ideology. It is a poignant and insightful story about a future in which widespread change can, though disorienting and confusing at the moment, remove the divisions of the past, as they fade away over time. Racial and social justice are constantly challenged in a tale that raises provocative questions.

Details of The Last White Man PDF by Mohsin Hamid

Book NameThe Last White Man A Novel
AuthorMohsin Hamid
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages192 Pages
PublisherRiverhead Books
Release Date2 August 2022
FiletypePDF or EPUB

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Mohsin Hamid has written five novels, including Exit West and The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which were Booker Prize finalists and New York Times bestsellers. Some of the essays he has written are collected in Discontent and Its Civilizations, which have appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and elsewhere. As an American living in Lahore, New York, and London, he divides his time between the three cities.

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