The Pucking Wrong Date PDF by C.R. Jane

The Pucking Wrong Date PDF by C.R. Jane

The Pucking Wrong Date: A Book

Download the book The Pucking Wrong Date PDF, written by author C.R. Jane and published by Digital Kindle on February 23, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 452 pages.

Title:The Pucking Wrong Date
Author:C.R. Jane
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:February 23, 2024
Total Pages:452
Document type:PDF
File Size:14 MB
The Pucking Wrong Date by C.R. Jane book information.

About the book

Walker Davis is going to ruin me…but for once, it might be worth it.
I’m a pariah, an outcast, and my life is not my own.
I went to that hockey game hoping for an escape and found one in him.
They call Walker Davis “Disney” for a reason, because the superstar goalie is the “Prince Charming” of every girl’s dreams.
He told me he understood I just wanted one perfect night…
But now he’s everywhere I go.
He seems to know everything about me.
He keeps saying I’m the one.
And he’s trying to change my last name.
He’s crazy…
A wrong date can never be a happily ever after though…right?

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