The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF Download

The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF

The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF Download: “The Roommate” is a novel by Rosie Danan. It is a contemporary romance novel that follows the story of two roommates who fall in love. The novel explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. It was first published in 2021.

The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF

The romance characters in this book were definitely out of the norm for traditionally published romance novels. This story was so fun to read. While Josh and Clara seemed to have contrasting lifestyle choices, they were very similar when it came to their ability to adapt to difficult situations. They were also very similar in their willingness to try out various things. They were both sweet and kind, yet they had a lot of personal baggage to deal with. Both of them were drawn to each other immediately, and their responses to each other were both humorous and touching. Despite their steamy chemistry, they also showed consideration and gentleness in their love scenes.

It was so fun to see Josh and Clara face their own unique challenges throughout the romance since Josh and I lead very different lives. Clara was raised in a wealthy family, which leaves her with a deeply ingrained sense of maintaining her public appearance at all costs. It was always difficult for her to weigh what her family would think versus what she was actually feeling about something. Her character developed nicely throughout the story as she became her own person. At first glance, she may have felt uncomfortable in the situation, but she found creative ways to make it work.

The sex industry was never the same from Josh’s original perspective. He focused on the job’s people and asked detailed questions about the business during the interview. If you quit the job, the most prominent companies would have tremendous power. I hadn’t previously considered the contract negotiations that would take place behind the scenes. The relationship he developed with his family and the way his parents handled themselves were also enjoyable. I would like to acknowledge the side characters. It was really up to them whether the relationship would survive or not, and they consistently chose to take the high road. I was glad to see friends and ex-lovers supporting each other and not getting into petty arguments.

The romance in the book was sweet, and I was rooting for Josh and Clara throughout. Taking into account how others’ perspectives may influence their future was an unexpected challenge for this couple. It was interesting to see how Josh and Clara challenged taboos in relationships through their collaborative work. My last thought was that people’s careers are often seen as defining their worth in society, and after all, a job is still a job. An individual’s level of education does not inherently make them better or less qualified. Even so, I found this to be a sweet and steamy romance that made me think about my own perspective.

Clara comes from an elite east coast family that has been involved in a few scandals over the years. Her life is about to change completely after she quits her job, packs up, and moves across the country to live in LA. She will have the boy she loves and her childhood friend. She hopes to make a move, confess her feelings, and start a new chapter of her life in LA. After she arrives, Clara discovers that her friend’s band has gone on tour, which means she will be living with a random man for the summer.

As would be expected of two strangers living together, Josh and Clara get along well until Clara discovers what Josh does for a living and the boundaries become a little murky. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to read with an open mind from a new perspective. A book about roommates will appeal to you if you like them!

About The Roommate Book PDF

Book NameThe Roommate
AuthorRosie Danan
GenreLiterature & Fiction
Pages336 Pages
Release Date15 September 2020
File TypePDF & EPUB

The novels of Rosie Danan are steamy, bighearted, and about modern love’s trials and triumphs. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys jogging slowly to fast music, petting other people’s dogs, and playing rounds of Chopped using the ingredients that occupy her refrigerator. Having lived in London for nearly two years, Rosie finds herself borrowing British slang on a regular basis.

By the end of the very first sentence, I fell in love with this book. As you would expect from a book about female pleasure and adult entertainment, it is also just as hot as you would hope. A feast for the senses, this book hits so many familiar beats (mostly about delicious forced proximity) while subverting tired tropes like Evil Ex while celebrating Speed and the Mummy as romantic treasures.

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