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Twisted Lies PDF

Twisted Lies PDF: Hi, guys in this article we will share Ana Huang’s newly released book on 30 June 2022. Boba Press has published this book with a total of 366 pages in the English language. You can easily read online and download this book from here.

Twisted Lies Free PDF

This is the last book in the twisted series. In her book, Ana Huang lived up to the high expectations she set for herself. There is no better way to end a series than with Twisted Lies, and I am in love with it. In this book, Ana raises the bar higher and higher for herself and for her readers and it amazes me how she achieves it. There’s something great about Twisted Lies: it pays off. Ana Huang’s regular and avid readers received a gift from Ana Huang quite literally.

All of the relationships we are familiar with interacted delightfully with the ones we were just establishing.
With Ana Huang’s storytelling, you already know what you’re in for if you’ve read the first three books in this series. A powerful and epic tale, sexy and beautiful, there’s some danger and some badassery in it. Despite all the darkness lurking in the world of these stories, you’re treated to many wonderful characters and their wonderful friendships.

I have been eager to read Christian and Stella’s stories since Ana hinted at them in previous books. The series wasn’t my favorite, but I enjoyed watching the characters fall in love, deal with the complications of being in a fake relationship, and pretend for others’ sake. Whenever Ana Huang writes, she creates characters that captivate you, and Stella and Christian are no exception.

In book one, you are insanely protective of Stella from the very first moment you meet her. Her quiet and subdued nature makes her stand out among her girlfriends, and I love that she will stand up for what she believes in a fight. Stella is a fashion blogger, aspiring designer, and social media queen, so she is very conscious of the fact that much of her life now depends on her reputation, so she does what she can to make it all work out for her.

She amazes me with how driven and passionate she is, and how focused she is on her goals. And then there’s Christian. Our first encounter with him in Twisted Games had been mysterious, and that continues in this book. As someone who has never been drawn to morally gray heroes, Christian draws me strongly, as we discover the dark side of his job as well as his soul.

Despite the fact that he did some things that scared me (believe it or not), I love how focused he is on them. As the story progressed, his air of mystery made him an even more intriguing character, which made me want to uncover the truth. The relationship between Stella and Christian is a delicious slow burn, where they resist each other, fight the pull, and fall in love without realizing it.

There is a problem where they take what they want, but don’t give it back in the right way. My favorite parts were the push and pull, the crazy chemistry, and the explosive tension. My favorite heroes are always those who fall in love with the heroine and don’t know what to do with it. This is one such story.

Twisted Lies tells the story of Stella and Christian’s long-awaited romance. Stella lives in the expensive high-rise building owned by Christian, a fashion influencer/blogger. As the owner of Harper Security, top security and cyber development firm, Christian is a skilled security professional. In spite of Christian’s obsession with Stella, she is in need of someone to both protect her from the return of a long-time mystery stalker, as well as assist her in pulling off her fake dating scheme.

About Twisted Lies Ana Huang PDF Download

Book NameTwisted Lies
AuthorAna Huang
Pages576 Pages
PublisherBoba Press
Release Date30 June 2022
FiletypePDF or EPUB

Having followed these four best friends throughout the twisted series, this was the final installment. Book 4 definitely did not disappoint!!! Throughout the first three books, breadcrumbs were left for Stella and Christian’s story. The little details in previous books that seem unimportant now become important parts of the story.

Ana Huang writes primarily steamy contemporary romance and new adult novels. There is plenty of banter and swooning in her stories, which range from lighthearted to dark. The author of this book is also passionate about traveling, and hot chocolate, and has multiple relationships with fictional men.

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