What Is Love PDF by Jen Comfort

What Is Love PDF by Jen Comfort

What Is Love: A Book

Download the book What Is Love PDF, written by author Jen Comfort and published by Montlake on April 1, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 351 pages.

Title:What Is Love
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:April 1, 2024
Total Pages:351
Document type:PDF
File Size:6 MB
What Is Love by Jen Comfort book information.

About the book

Answer: From the Latin word for crossroads, this is knowledge so common as to be obscure, the pursuit of which engages millions daily. Question: What is trivia?

Trivia is the magic in the mundane, the connection in the commonplace, and Maxine Hart’s second-favorite pastime. A self-proclaimed Brooklyn street rat and a high school dropout, Maxine has never been a fan of formal education, but thanks to her ADHD “superpowers,” she’s a glutton for knowledge—and a good fight. And when Maxine enters the trivia game show Answers!, her brilliance, coupled with her penchant for big bets, devastates her competition. Even record-holding, 76-time-winner Teddy Ferguson.

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