[PDF] World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 PDF

World Without Cancer The Story of Vitamin B17 PDF

World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 PDF is a complete book on cancer treatment written by Edward Griffin in English with 461 Pages. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a download link to World Without Cancer pdf so you can enjoy reading it for free. Using the following link, you can download the complete book of Edward Griffin’s World Without Cancer in pdf format instantly.

World Without Cancer PDF Summary

You can learn how to heal and stay healthy with this well-researched book. There are alternative cancer treatments that everyone should know about, and this book explains them. There is a very well-written chronology of the story of Laetrile, as well as the battle between natural and traditional medicine. Laetrile is not only explained very clearly in this article (trophoblast theory), but it also sheds light on the historical background that led to its rejection by mainstream medicine, especially mainstream pharmacy.

Since the author is not a physician, any statements or assertions he makes should be taken with great care. That is the beauty of this book. It provides fascinating information about how B17 is banned in the US while freely used in many developing countries. Aside from being a good education, it’s also interesting to see how Kaiser Permanente in California regulates its own physicians’ practices!

I strongly recommend this book, especially if you are in good health before you get cancer. In this book, you will learn why the U.S. is the cancer capital of the world, as well as why doctors can only prescribe chemical drugs, and cannot prescribe vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well. The average housewife knows more about nutrition than 99.9% of doctors. In addition to using B-17 (amygdalin, laetrile) to kill cancer, there is a simpler way to cure cancer.

This is a historic book. It describes why we continue to donate billions of dollars to organizations that are not actually looking for cures for cancer, since some cures have already been discovered. In order to make money, they want to keep the cure(s) a secret.

I found this book to be very informative and confirmed my suspicions about the suppression of alternative cancer treatment therapies in the conventional cancer treatment industry. Why is such a serious issue, like cancer, a fun & hugely profitable money game for the powers that be? Shameful! A lot of people have benefited from this book by gaining the knowledge they need to make their own informed decisions regarding real, natural cancer treatment options.

World Without Cancer PDF Details

Book NameWorld Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 PDF
AuthorG Edward Griffin
Pages461 Pages
PublisherAmerican Media
Release Date1 February 1974
File TypePDF & Epub

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About the Author: G Edward Griffin

A documentary filmmaker and writer, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN founded Freedom Force International. A member of Who’s Who in America, he is well known for his ability to research difficult topics and present them clearly. As an author, he has explored such diverse topics as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, taxation history, U.S. foreign policy, cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations.

His better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island, World without Cancer, The Discovery of Noah’s Ark, Moles in High Places, The Open Gates of Troy, No Place to Hide, The Capitalist Conspiracy, More Deadly than War, The Grand Design, The Great Prison Break, and The Fearful Master.

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