400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids PDF Download

400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids PDF

400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the 400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids book written by HCK Press. So you can download it in the English language. The book is published by Independently published. Stay tuned and read this book online.

400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids PDF

Is there someone in your life who loves hockey?

Are they one of those kids (or adults!) who just can’t seem to get enough hockey facts & knowledge?

Whether they’re a young player, a new fan, or a fanatic – their hunger for hockey needs satisfying.

Inside our gigantic book of facts, your hockey fan is about to discover:

  • 400+ mind-blowing, fun, jaw-dropping hockey facts & trivia
  • Unbelievable facts including the science of hockey, tales of insane comebacks, the wildest wingers, and the most creative centres…
  • With a beautiful interior layout to keep the reader engaged…
  • Written by a semi-pro hockey player & lifelong fan…
  • 20 different chapters spanning across player superstitions, famous fans, formidable friendships, coaching facts, women in hockey, and many more…
  • This is simply the perfect gift for the hockey lover in your life!

Here’s a few example facts from inside our book…

  • Did you know that hockey pucks were once made of frozen cow dung – which would often shatter in the cold?
  • Or, did you know that a fan once threw a real Octopus onto the Ice during the playoffs?
  • Can you name the coach who is as loved for his mousache, as much as his coaching accomplishments?

No matter whether the hockey fan in your life is young or old – everybody who flips open the pages of this book is sure to learn some fascinating new facts & obscure hockey trivia.

So, if you’ve got a hockey obsessed person in your life…

About 400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids Book PDF

Book Name:400+ Fun & Unbelievable Hockey Facts for Kids
Author:HCK Press
Publisher:Independently published
Release date:November 10, 2023
Total Pages:112
File Format:PDF
File Size5.34 MB

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