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Advanced Futures Trading Strategies PDF by Robert Carver

Advanced Futures Trading Strategies: A Book

Download the book Advanced Futures Trading Strategies PDF, written by author Robert Carver and published by Harriman House on April 18, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 638 pages.

Title:Advanced Futures Trading Strategies
Author:Robert Carver
Publication:Harriman House
Publication date:18 April 2023
Total Pages:638
Document type:PDF
File Size:25.7 MB
Advanced Futures Trading Strategies by Robert Carver book information.

About the book

This is one of the few books out there that presents you with complete (and simple to implement) trading strategies that actually work (at least in the past). This is the book any systematic trader should read if they need a starting point from which to build up strategies, especially if they are new to the field and have no idea where to start (like me). The system and strategies presented in the book can be easily applied to assets other than futures. Most of the strategies presented provide an edge by exploiting some of the commonly known risk premia available (mostly trend and carry). The strategies are presented in detail, from forecasting returns using futures data to precise calculation of position size. Nothing is left to the imagination. There is special attention to costs and trading frequency/size. The system is also built in such a way that it can be extended with other custom strategies if the trader needs to include more.

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