After Annie PDF by Anna Quindlen

After Annie PDF by Anna Quindlen

After Annie: A Book

Download the book After Annie PDF, written by author Anna Quindlen and published by Random House on February 27, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 304 pages.

Title:After Annie
Author:Anna Quindlen
Publication:Random House
Publication date:February 27, 2024
Total Pages:304
Document type:PDF
File Size:7 MB
After Annie by Anna Quindlen book information.

About the book

When Annie Brown dies suddenly, her husband, her children, and her closest friend are left to find a way forward without the woman who has been the lynchpin of all their lives. Bill is overwhelmed without his beloved wife, and Annemarie wrestles with the bad habits her best friend had helped her overcome. And Ali, the eldest of Annie’s children, has to grow up overnight, to care for her younger brothers and even her father and to puzzle out for herself many of the mysteries of adult life.

Over the course of the next year what saves them all is Annie, ever-present in their minds, loving but not sentimental, caring but nobody’s fool, a voice in their heads that is funny and sharp and remarkably clear. The power she has given to those who loved her is the power to go on without her. The lesson they learn is that no one beloved is ever truly gone.

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