Age of Revolutions PDF by Fareed Zakaria

Age of Revolutions PDF by Fareed Zakaria

Age of Revolutions: A Book

Download the book Age of Revolutions PDF, written by author Fareed Zakaria and published by W. W. Norton & Company on March 26, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 400 pages.

Title:Age of Revolutions
Author:Fareed Zakaria
Publication:W. W. Norton & Company
Publication date:March 26, 2024
Total Pages:400
Document type:PDF
File Size:7 MB
Age of Revolutions by Fareed Zakaria book information.

About the book

Populist rage, ideological fracture, economic and technological shocks, war, and an international system studded with catastrophic risk―the early decades of the twenty-first century may be the most revolutionary period in modern history. But it is not the first. Humans have lived, and thrived, through more than one great realignment. What are these revolutions, and how can they help us to understand our fraught world?

In this major work, Fareed Zakaria masterfully investigates the eras and movements that have shaken norms while shaping the modern world. Three such periods hold profound lessons for today. First, in the seventeenth-century Netherlands, a fascinating series of transformations made that tiny land the richest in the world―and created politics as we know it today. Next, the French Revolution, an explosive era that devoured its ideological children and left a bloody legacy that haunts us today. Finally, the mother of all revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, which catapulted Great Britain and the US to global dominance and created the modern world.

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