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Aghori An Untold Story PDF

Aghori An Untold Story PDF: In this post, we are providing Aghori The Untold Story book by Mayur Kalbag. So you can downloadit in the Hindi language. This book was published by Notion Press 1st edition. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

Aghori An Untold Story PDF

If you are intrigued by spiritual mystics and especially have been keen to know more about a very special group of ascetic Sadhus then this book will surely take you into a very different and yet stunningly vibrant world of a special sect of Sadhus known as the ‘Aghori’or Aghora in Sanskrit.

Through the eyes of the protagonist, you will see the most stunningly mysterious and visually vibrant aspects and activities along with certain unique rituals they perform at the most unusual of places. Aghori-An Untold Story is not just a story but an illuminating journey about the attitudes and attributes of one of the most enchantingly mysterious sects of Sadhus. Experience one of the most captivating and enthralling books of recent times!

The book is not just a story but an opportunity for the reader to experience an exuberant expedition that incorporates different and diverse activities which are spiritual, intriguing, ethereal, and at times, frightening!

Aghori-an’s untold story has been written in an autobiographical form with the intense intent of the author to make the reader feel that he or she is part of all the adventures and experiences. I believe that it is completely up to the reader or a better word would be the ‘viewer’ to infer whether the story of Subbu and his journey with the Aghoris is fiction or reality!

Contents of this book:

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Gouge The Eyes Out!
  3. Rahasya Is My Name And That Is A Secret!
  4. The ‘grunting’ By Them…!
  5. The Flame Rose The Skies From My Palm.
  6. Naryogi Baba Pulled Put Something And It Was Wriggling
  7. A Worm With A Bird’s Beak And Lizard’s Legs?
  8. ‘Tadamba’T he Mahaghori Of The Kaalika Sadhu Sect
  9. Patalnath Baba And Seeking Blessings Of Goddess Kundalini
  10. Dandaka Forest And The Eezhobai Mushrooms
  11. The Great Yogi, ‘Sri Shivaghori Adbhootanand Baba’ Meditating Since Five Thousand Years!
  12. Sookshma Tanaya’ And The Colored Ashˀ
  13. The Bhoogoomba Cave And The Kushaandi Havan!
  14. Jal-Agni Jagruti (water-fire Awakening & The Human Skull)
  15. Rishi Bruhangnath & The Jal-Agni Jaugruti Kriya
  16. ‘Shwas-Roki’ Keeda Or The ‘breath-holding Wormn’
  17. Honsagloo’s Woodpeckers & Shoonya Meditation
  18. Lonchaeku’ The Most Unique Pickle & The Baby Scorpions
  19. Dhoomketu Baba And The Sahasrara Udaan Technique
  20. Brahma-Vatsa-Adrushya Shaligram- The Divine Stone

About Aghori the Untold Story PDF

Book Name:Aghori An Untold Story
Author:Mayur Kalbag
Genre:Literature & Fiction
Pages:150 Pages
Publisher:Notion Press; 1st edition
Release Date:1 October 2021

A motivational speaker, leadership coach, and behavioral trainer by profession, Mayur’s hobby of writing poetry and prose evolved into a serious and inspired avocation twelve years ago. He has written two books of poetry titled, Smile at Stress and Rising Waterfall”‘ Adventures of Poorna” which is his first book of prose. However, apart from all this, his true passion is imagining, exploring, and then articulating new realms of philosophical fiction and spiritualism through writing and painting.

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