Download All I Want for Christmas PDF by Maggie Knox

All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox PDF

All I Want for Christmas: A Book

Download the book All I Want for Christmas pdf, written by author Maggie Knox and published by Penguin Publishing Group on October 04, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 352 pages.

Title:All I Want for Christmas
Author:Maggie Knox
Publication:Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:4 October 2023
Total Pages:352
File Format:PDF
File Size4.6 MB
All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox book information.

About the book

A pitch-perfect holiday rom com about two oil-and-water reality-star country singers who must fake a relationship in order to win the opportunity of a lifetime, perfect for fans of Sally Thornes The Hating Game and Christina Laurens In a Holidaze. Will they hit the right notes this holiday season? When Sadie and Max are selected as contestants on the famed reality singing show Starmaker, each thinks theyve finally gotten their big Nashville break. But then theyre paired up for duet week and stun the world with their romantic onstage chemistry. With fans going wild for #Saxie the network demands that they remain a duo on and offstage, or exit the competition. Faking a relationship until their final performance in the Starmaker holiday special shouldnt be too hard, except for one small problem–Sadie and Max cant stand each other. But with their dreams just within reach, they agree to the ruse. Will their fake relationship be exposed before they can win? Or might their phony connection turn real by the Christmas finale?

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