Download All The Lovers In The Night PDF by Mieko Kawakami

All The Lovers In The Night PDF by Mieko Kawakami

All The Lovers In The Night: A Book

Download the book All The Lovers In The Night PDF, written by author Mieko Kawakami and published by Picador on May 12, 2022, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 224 pages.

Title:All The Lovers In The Night
Author:Mieko Kawakami
Publication date:12 May 2022
Total Pages:224
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.1 MB
All The Lovers In The Night by Mieko Kawakami book information.

About the book

Fuyuko is in her mid-30s and lives alone. She works as a proofreader and, if asked, would likely say that she was prefectly content. But one day, she catches a glimpse of her reflection and is startled because she sees a profoundly unhappy woman. Would alcohol make it easier for her to approach other people?
One beer after work turns into four or five in the morning, then a thermos of sake that she carries everywhere she goes. At her lowest point, she meets a man who asks nothing of her. They talk about physics, music – and about light, which fascinates them both.
Kawakami gives us the introspective narrative of a woman on the brink of self-discovery, held back by a deeply ingrained desire to take up as little space as possible, to be useful and quiet and undemanding. This is reflected in dialogues that are sparse and almost monosyllable on her part.
She is struggling to parve a new path for herself, but every step of her way is accompanied by internalized pain, a slow labor. While reading, I felt like I was waiting with bated breath: Would her journey end in a symbolic birth, a powerful reinvention – or in stagnation, akin to a stillbirth?
While the writing style is often minimal and subdued, it is impactful in finely measured restraint. The author has a remarkable talent for showing deep themes in perfect moments. With a delicate touch, she uses light as a metaphor for human relationships: sometimes particle, sometimes wave – sometimes a fleeting glint, sometimes a longlasting surge of emotions.
The story is complex and multi-layered, offering a nuanced portrayal of its themes. It explores facets of womanhood and identity, conflicting with patriarchy and societal norms in contemporary Japan. And yet, it will resonate with readers worldwide, transcending cultural boundaries.

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