Arihant Everyday Vocabulary Book PDF Download

Arihant Everyday Vocabulary Book PDF

Arihant Everyday Vocabulary Book PDF: In this post, we will provide the Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words book written by Kumkum Gupta. This book was published by Arihant Publication. Let’s read the full article and download it in the Hindi language.

Arihant Everyday Vocabulary Book PDF

For any type of writing or speaking in the English language, the first requirement is to have proper knowledge of English words similar to the Hindi words used by you. The vocabulary of most of the students is very poor.

They face a lot of trouble while writing or speaking on any topic in the English language in the absence of proper Vocabulary, get stuck again and again, or are unable to express their expressions properly in the absence of Vocabulary. It has been recognized that knowledge of about 3000 words of the English language is required for normal writing and conversation.

This book contains more than 6100 such words, which are useful in daily life in normal writing and conversation. In this book ‘Importance of correct pronunciation’ and ‘How to pronounce words correctly?’ Methods have also been given for this. This book will definitely help you in improving your Writing and Speaking Skills.

Content of Arihant Vocabulary Book

  • English Alphabet and Ordinals
  • Numerals
  • Words Used in Daily Routine
  • Name of Parts of the Body
  • Name of Relations
  • Name of Ornaments and Jewels
  • Name of Animals
  • Name of Birds
  • Name of Some Reptiles, Water Living Creatures,
  • Worms and Insects
  • Domestic Articles
  • Homes and Abodes
  • Name of Musical Instruments
  • Name of Minerals
  • Name of Professions and Occupations
  • Name of Important Tools
  • Terminology of War-Fare
  • Name of Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Dryfruits and Fruits
  • Trees and Plants
  • Name of Parts of Trees and Plants
  • Name of Cereals/Grains
  • Name of Some Eatables and Potables
  • Name of Spices and Grocery Items
  • Conditions of the Body and Diseases
  • Name of Building Parts and Some Buildings
  • Young Ones of Animals and Birds
  • Cries of Creatures
  • Cries of Some Birds, Animals, and Insects
  • Clothes, Dresses, Wearing Apparel, etc
  • Stationery Items and Office Requirements
  • Human Beings at Different Ages
  • Terms Used in Sports and Games
  • Name of Directions
  • Name of Planets in our Solar System
  • Units Used for Distance and other Measurements
  • Roman Numerals
  • Name of Seasons
  • Name of Months
  • Name of Days
  • Time Measure
  • Name of Colours
  • Name of Medical Sciences and Medicines
  • Terms Used in Railways
  • Terms Used in Banks
  • Terms Used in Post and Telegraph Department
  • Police Department
  • Terms Used in Hospitals
  • Terms Used in Schools and Colleges
  • Words Related to Computer
  • Name of Various Subjects
  • Some Important Dates
  • Constitution Related Words
  • Pronunciation
  • Pronunciation of Vowels
  • Pronunciation of Consonants
  • Silent Letters in Words
  • How to Write a Name?

About Arihant Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words PDF

Book NameEveryday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words
AuthorKumkum Gupta
GenreLanguage learning
Pages208 Pages
PublisherArihant Publication
Release Date1 January 2016

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