Cancel Culture Dictionary PDF by Jimmy Failla

Cancel Culture Dictionary PDF by Jimmy Failla

Cancel Culture Dictionary: A Book

Download the book Cancel Culture Dictionary PDF, written by author Jimmy Failla and published by Broadside Books on January 30, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 240 pages.

Title:Cancel Culture Dictionary
Author:Jimmy Failla
Publication:Broadside Books
Publication date:30 January 2024
Total Pages:240
Document type:PDF
File Size:12.2 MB
Cancel Culture Dictionary by Jimmy Failla book information.

About the book

This book is a collection of naughty jokes and nutty people whose stories guide us to a world where we don’t spend all day slugging it out on Twitter, X, or whatever dumb name Elon Musk gives it next time he gets stoned. No, it’s not an actual dictionary, although the author should probably spend more time reading one. Think of it as a ridiculous roadmap to a time where life didn’t revolve around the Republican Party and the Democratic Party because we were all too focused on The Keg Party. And unlike other works devoted to the cancel craze, we’ll show how the people who lost the most with each celebrity firing were everyday Americans who had nothing to do with it.

Cancel Culture and the outrage era have dragged us all into a war on fun. But this book is not a call to arms, girlfriend. If anything, it’s a call to chill the f**k out.

So hop in, shut the door, and don’t waste time fiddling with the seatbelt. The way we’re about to drive, it can’t help you anyway.

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